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Politics : Formerly About Apple, Inc. Unmoderated
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To: J.F. Sebastian who wrote (9945)12/6/2019 7:55:19 PM
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1) Bush inherited a roaring economy

2) Obama inherited an economy that was teetering on a 2nd great depression. There's a reason he had to take the country into debt... the mega rich had raped the money out of the economy, so it was up to tax payers to subsidize the banks, insurance companies etc which forestalled a depression and led to a mere recession

Man... if you can tolerate watching Inside Job you'll never forget it. Sickening.

3) trump inherited a roaring economy

4) entitlements are paid for by citizens in a separate tax, they don't drain the tax payers, in fact SS money has been used to pay for other government debt.

Corporate subsidization DWARFs entitlements... except for military entitlements where a military accountant can retire at 38 years old and be paid for the rest of his life. A good example of thousands of corporate subsidies is when NASA rescued an ITT satellite at a cost of 400 million tax payer dollars. Another is insurance subsidies for Nuclear Power plants... NO insurance company has ever agreed to subsidize any Nuclear Power plant. Another is cleaning up super polluted land.

Spending on the military and the wars created the vast majority of the debt. Some facts:

The US spends 2/3 of the WORLDS ENTIRE military budget. 6 to 12 times what China spends.

The military budget is COOKED... does not include massive bills for veteran care, we're paying for the life of guys who would have died in Vietnam (11 out of 12 who would have died in Vietnam survive). Also doesn't inclued Veteran benefits. Does not include NASA which is 95% military. Does not include NSA which is larger than the CIA and FBI combined. Does not include military aid to foreign nations.

The Pentagon asked for 20% less than congress gave them, then trump added 10% more. The reason for that is no congressperson wants to see a military gold mine in their district disappear, no matter how useless it is to actual defense.

The war in Iraq succeeded in turning a relatively secular state into an Iranian controlled anarchy at a cost of 10 trillion and a quarter million dead. Things aren't looking good in Afghanistan. NONE of the 9/11 hijackers came from those countries. Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, even Bush admitted that. Al Quieda just spread worldwide as Ron Paul said it would.

The US spends HUGE amounts incarcerating victimless criminals. California alone jails more people than China. Can you imagine what that costs our society? Imagine if Jobs and Woz would have been arrested for taking LSD... no Apple. All their money would at the very least gone to legal costs.l

In San Diego the police and firefighters unions agreed to support local council persons in return for giving them pensions that in many cases were DOUBLE what they earned when working. This kind of thing is endemic. Happen's all over America, bureaucrats getting gigantic pensions.

So don't begrudge someone who lost their job because unlike Canada, they got sick and needed some help. Yeah there are welfare queens, no doubt, but sheech they don't even begin to compare with the heads of the banks.
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