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To: frmrVZguy who wrote (241)8/6/2019 1:53:55 PM
From: frmrVZguy   of 289
Shots fired by Dept of Treasury in Banking Wars: Here's how to understand the Investing opportunity.
So, What the H3LL is going on with USA v PRC trading agreements?

All those Rastafarians and Rasputniks and Blavatsky devotees in the liberal anti-POTUS crowd will never get it reported truthfully. The TRUTH isn't found in the smoke of a blunt. And isn't that odd that that's what they were accusing the snake-handler RNC-types of? Pentecostal Mentalism?

- China is in a desperate cash-flow bind and has been reaching for Equities, and cash from PRC entities without warning or permission to satisfy basic bookkeeping in their over-leveraged Market.
- Overseas accounts received a mini-flash crash in FOREX to permit ROI at the point of a spear/sword/pistol. PRC demanded a cash injection from its overseas accounts and they did it with a small FOREX rate sweetener. Rush to cash via equities sales.

= >> POTUS isn't stupid and POTUS doesn't want to destroy the Market here nor there where we sell STUFF that come home to USofA. (Duh!)
=>> IMO this mini-flash crash in FOREX was actually a _coordinated_ _action_ between USA and PRC in a very gentlemanly and Statesman-like fashion with EU awareness following years of EU Regulatory actions BECAUSE....

=>> China has been warned that our Treasury is about to initiate a very forceful regulatory period just like Spain did with all those Chinese Nationals over there who were sending cash home to PRC without declaring nor paying taxes. Banks seized accounts without warning. PRC criminals are likely doing the same thing here and now its our turn to seize accounts and they kn ow it. PRC wants its haircut NOW.

=>> POTUS has actually acted with great tact in demonstrating to Xi that he doesn't want to destroy his economy but he is dayum shore gonna enforce the behavior expected and now demanded. I see a high level of Statesmanship.
= >> this is a way that POTUS is showing Xi that he is a Leader that can be negotiated with and will set expectations and stick to them. The alternative in the DNC camp is .... unknown. And if that person were negotiating silently behind the scenes, well that would be an act of treason and illegal Agency.
PRC may not like getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar... but they can't deny the truth when the arrests show up in court with evidence-based charges.

I am of the opinion that Xi is going to get a deal that makes both USA and PRC economies healthy if he can just accept the Western 'norms'.
Our allies in dotEU and dotIL are also going to give an ovation when that is accomplished.
I Didn't vote for POTUS 2016. I vote for POLICIES, not personalities.
I like what policies I've seen to date, style is uhhh... gulp... a little hard to swallow sometimes.
But it makes for entertaining political kabuki theater

i <3 good enforcement givem h3ll mr potus #voteyou2020 #better_than_reagan
Press Releases
Treasury Designates China as a Currency Manipulator
August 5, 2019
Washington – The Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act of 1988 requires the Secretary of the Treasury to analyze the exchange rate policies of other countries. Under Section 3004 of the Act, the Secretary must "consider whether countries manipulate the rate of exchange between their currency and the United States dollar for purposes of preventing effective balance of payments adjustments or gaining unfair competitive advantage in international trade.” Secretary Mnuchin, under the auspices of President Trump, has today determined that China is a Currency Manipulator.
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