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From: frmrVZguy7/10/2019 12:57:00 AM
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Bank Wars have Started: My Letter to President Xi. "the Way to the Future "

Dear President Xi,
During my more than six decades of life, there has not been a better time for rapprochement with USA and all that means for peace and prosperity than this current Presidency of President Donald Trump. Here's why.

Sir, I stipulate your high intelligence, and that of Premier Li. I do not dispute the challenge of presiding over a nation of 1.5 Billion people. I do not forget the history of colonial invasions of your country.

Sir, I remind you of two great and high historical Truths that are rarely if ever taught in the West:
- Anglican colonialism is the colonial effort that is most successful in all of the world including your own land. And it is ongoing to this very date as President Putin can describe in the Caucasus. That exact colonial ambition and effort is the casus belli for the military event that in USA is called the 9/11 attack.
- The philosophical engine behind Anglican colonialism is a form of Christianista Fascism in which a sectarian faction holds enough key offices to control Government.

This is the Anglican ambition you are currently inviting into your country under the false belief that USA is a willful bully on a global scale.

I write to you to correct your understanding and hope that in doing so, your eyes will be opened to the expertly formed lies of Western History, and thus you can be corrected.

I hope I am not too late.

Sir, the USA belligerence and invasion of Central Asia was established by Anglican American Christianista Fascists, headed by an Anglican family named Bush, who are in lock-step marching with England's plan. They are baptized and sworn members of the Anglican church. This means they had hidden and divided loyalties.

The war was initiated by a grand deceit once those Christianista Fascists had assumed office. It was not the Will of the American People nor was it fully supported by our Congress because so many so-called facts were in dispute. And it is even more today criticized by the American People as Truth has been cleared from the 'Fog of War'. The PLAN was enunciated by the Englishman Worth Smith and published in London in the year 1952 under the title: Miracle of the Ages. The War was described along with the casus belli, declared and dated Second week of September, 2001. They did it. This is published fact. If you ignore this it will become your truth also.

Sir, This Anglican Christianista Fascism is what you are inviting into your country as you embrace England. It is a disease and a curse that you will not survive, exactly as it has slowly invaded and strangled opposition in USA political governance since the end of our Civil War in 1865.

Sir, There is one TRUTH I am confident you agree with: USA rejects an official State Church and an official Church membership to hold office. The sad state of politics in USA is due to poor education of its citizens, expertly deceived by the curricula of Schools and colleges financed by the 'generosity' of Andrew Carnegy. This wealthy Anglican Christianista Fascist and Lodge Man endowed in perpetuity the project I write about here and described it in his Second Edition dated 1893 of TRIUMPHANT DEMOCRACY. His Anglican Supremacist Christianista Fascist racialized view was elaborated in the final chapter named EPILOGUE.

Sir, There is a second TRUTH I am confident you agree with: USA has been a friend of the People of China during terrible times of War. We have proven with Time, Talent, and our most precious Treasure that we have an agreement with your County's Welfare. And I ask that you pause and consider my words of History and how WE the PEOPLE of USA contrast with the English and American Anglican Supremacists.

Last, I call to your attention the pragmatic and Monarchy-sceptic character of our current President Donald Trump. I believe you will agree it is true that President Donald Trump is not an Anglican Supremacist Christianista Fascist as was G.H.W. Bush and G.W. Bush. Even B.J. Clinton was a marching Euro-Supremacist who brought debauchery to his term just to prove how USA was being debauched and failing those higher Principles in its Declaration of Independence which rejected the historical debauchery by Europe's Monarchs.

It is the non-sectarian pragmatism of President Donald Trump that brings the greatest opportunity to forge in perpetuity an economic, political, and cultural agreement between our United States of America and One China. Yes, Sir, One China.

I genuinely and sincerely hope and pray you take these humble words and this moment of history together as they offer to us a genuine opportunity we likely will not see again in our lifetimes.

And I hope that careful consideration of the contrasting and invasive Anglican history will give you reason to consider these humble words. If you err, you advance to your eventual doom just have other nations before you.

Sir, long years of sectarian war in your country have taught you to hate Sectarianism. Those lessons are the reasons for your political system. President Donald Trump represents a non-sectarian pragmatism you may not see again in a negotiation if you allow Anglo- and Euro- centric politicians to frustrate our negotiations.

It is precisely the non-sectarian pragmatism of President Donald Trump that offers such an opportunity, so that you must not dare history. And I remind you of another such great non-sectarian pragmatist, that of President Ronald Reagan and his borrowed remarks: Trust, but Verify. And then also the words: Mr. President, Tear Down This Wall.

Please look, Sir, at how the slow march of time has mellowed the hatred between USA and Russia since that Cold War began thawing. We Three Nations are the result of precisely the non-sectarian pragmatism of our Ancestors. We should be friendly trading partners and economic leaders. And our non-sectarian pragmatism should be for the whole world. "the Way to the Future "

I hope, Sir, you can hear the wisdom of your predecessors, as well as the wisdom of my and Russia's Ancestors as we discuss a non-sectarian and pragmatic version of 'Trust, but Verify' for our world today. War can be a cruel teacher but the lessons are remembered.

Finally, I understand that the news of your banking represented by the REUTERS news below represents another action to discipline your Market behavior. I also recognize that it is the first known Regulator cannon salvo fired by your government at a foreign bank, one from a country that has already acceded to your entreaties in your Belt and Road project. They are a SAFELY WEAKENED BANK AND STATE SINCE THEY ARE ALREADY ACCEPTING YOUR FINANCIAL OFFERS. Thus I realize you consider it safe from reprisal. I realize it is a demonstration of your desires and a carefully selected test, not likely a broadened reprisal policy. And I realize it is also an expression to the West of a general desire for Market discipline and your Will to achieve it. This is therefore possibly hopeful for additional Regulatory discipline and verification in the future. Nonetheless it is hostile and deserves more sunlight.

Let's talk. I'm certain President Donald Trump welcomes an outcome stylized as 'Trust, but Verify'. And I'm confident Europe will welcome a warming of the current economic chill.

Be Well.

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