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From: frmrVZguy6/28/2019 4:34:12 PM
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The Macroeconomics of Global Civil War: Investing strategies for SQNS holders and others who already know what a Global Bully is like and don't need convincing.
Call me Ishmael. And Captain Ahab is my POTUS.
If it were only that easy to plagiarize a metaphor.

Oh, there _IS_ a leviathan on the loose. But since whales are a subdued species found on our dining tables these days, Moby is no longer scary.

However, Godzilla and his Kaiju cousins as seen in theaters are the new not-yet defeated threat lurking in the deep places out of sight.

THAT is the metaphor of today. The hidden unnatural enemy 'other' that lurks and intrudes into our lives. And Jaegers are the mechanical giant robot human-driven heroic foil of Kaiju.
I introduced Jaegers as economic saviors as I introduced consolidation as defense against the threat of PRC SOE giants: kaijus. (here

However, our POTUS is not the madman, self-destructive, delusional Ahab of Melville's creation fighting a Kaiju alone.
He is far more intelligent and calculated, with a Kabuki repertoire much broader than the media-created misogynist idiot-savant.

I came to recognize his tactics and have styled it as 'Herding Cats'.
Since then has has brulliantly bought time for Western consolidation to face the PRC Kaiju and trimmed mmWave expectations and has gotten tough with Regulators and competitors .
All of that enhances profits and Security simultaneously.

But the hydra of debauchery has too many limbs to stop by himself. He needs help.
Our help.
I'm calling for your help to slow or stop this attack with your own choices.

This second part of a series on Macroeconomics addresses the Global emergence of big cats, Kaiju, and the organized War they represent and how it affects investor choices.
Our POTUS faces a beast that is both real AND enters our world without invitation, while Melville's creation lived in a watery cage far away. ( See "Booo! isn't enough"

It's time to get big - scale up. Small cap firms are getting crushed without SCALE to compete with PRC


The doom we face today is the same as Netherlands's slide into debauchery post-Reformation as its citizens demanded freedoms Rome denied,... and then they overreached. Their King granted extremely liberal and hedonistic behavior in its far-flung colonies including drugs and unrestrained conjugal behavior. And those losses of personal integrity and freedom, not to forget the rampant medical scourge of STDs led to loss of Governance and State integrity designed to preserve rights and security both,
The Dutch fell hard and fast.

Our POTUS knows this History. And the Leviathan he faces is a multi-headed hydra from both outside and inside our borders. We are surrounded by an encroaching destruction and our own Politicians are inviting our own doom through encouragement and expansion of the industries of debauchery under the guise of freedom. All at the same time as physical and electronic invasions take our stuff.

Just one strong rebuttal is just observing manipulation of behavior and finances that result once a person is addicted. The Source of the addiction is manipulating the addictive results: corrupted drugs and Referees, gambling outcomes and more.

Melville described a person unreasonably vengeful, not defending anyone or thing except a wounded conscience and ego.

In the real world POTUS asks us to, and defends US from ourselves and outsiders. I wrote here Message 31692089

"SCALE: Taurus POTUS buys time for Western consolidation"
The East-West axis is well-described by news: spying, thieving, identity theft. It gets nearly uniform agreement.

The North-South axis is NOT well-described by news because the motives are not revealed.

The flood of illegal drugs and people isn't a simple gravitation to a border too open, to obtain a life of increased freedoms. It is a movement under construction for sixty or more years in SoAm, CentralAm and Mexico as the gospel of social justice Ministries were read from pulpits, and generations were taught to believe it is their right to make demands from World governments. It is a handout mentality without any personal or State integrity and support. A Socialist ministry and a Hegelian pressure cooker forced the corn to pop as desperation and opportunity mixed like gasoline and oxygen.

These aren't accidents.

I wrote here Message 32123103 in Part 1: Investing during Civil War/Unrest of the Manifesto I found printed in London 1952 declaring the 9/11 plan of attack. It used a term I had heard on late-night radio theater: The Quickening.

Back in the Spring of '96 I sat in a night school course on what I initially thought was a class on Spiritual Growth by a Franciscan Catholic teacher named Burrows only to discover in the 6th week that the Theosophical and Eastern Orthodox concepts devolved into a sudden and blunt statement of Racist White Supremacist Reincarnation theology. The described path to God was by evolving through Reincarnation and gaining increasingly Aryan traits each cycle. As you might expect I withdrew immediately without completing the lectures. Grace earned by a Savior who defeated Evil had no place in her Gospel. In fact, we were all living a lie of false Faith. Wow.

That teacher was appointed by a Franciscan Bishop of Rome named Szekely(sp?). And that Bishop's diocese were farming communities of Mexico. This TRUTH brings the debauchery of Entheology within the Roman church to light. And the current Bishop of Rome is leading the masses of Franciscan Entheology and Shamanic Theosophy devotees to march Northward.

They have to arrive illegally if they are going to 'body snatch' your SSN, identity and retirement as you age. We are already warned about SSN identity theft and false account creation to steal your benefits. They're here.

If you doubt all this can be, perhaps you will recall the era of gurus and Hindu influence brought by British pop stars of the sixties. Popular media has influence. You and I saw it happen.

My sister joined that circus and ended up in the inner circle of a cult having debauched herself entirely and demanding our family do the same - with limited success. And to this day she is proud of herself and her Indigo Baby.

It's sad that we must re-teach old lessons our Ancestors mastered in order to deliver to us our Rights. It's sad that we must fight for our Rights again in the onslaught of false freedoms that lead to a loss of Rights via debauchery of drugs and extremist Libertarian Hedonism.

What the H3LL does any of this have to do with investing?
Every dollar you invest is waging a kind of War in the Market of Life to gain root and blossom into a Garden of Eden. If your crop is getting burned and trampled by the Monsters of debauchery invading, then you starve literally and politically.

Our POTUS knows this History. He is well aware of the Fall of the Dutch and the occupations by Empire-seeking armies through the centuries. Their covert armies arrive first and establish domestic militias like our KKK. Our Civil War is just one. And the Armistice of 1865 has ended. Chechnya is another and the invaders are here.

But I wonder if POTUS knows the covert history of invasion in our country.
I wonder if private Yale societies organized as anti-Reformation, anti-Protestant societies of young deacons has come to his attention. You've heard of them and I met one who had a fat mouth. He talked about reports that were true and confirmed some rumors. Wow.

I wonder if Nazi-Hunting joint operations with UK established inside Langely by FDR, that have broadened their reach and purpose has come to his attention.
I wonder if he realizes Nixon looked delusional because he was a Protestant and not even made aware, much less 'read into' an operation strictly under his authority, and it was used against him.
I wonder if he realizes that operation continues with the assumption of POTUS approval even when POTUS is unaware.
I wonder if he realizes that the hydra has the head of a friend, or fellow officer. Sirens who cry out for his doom upon rocks.

Now come the masses from the South bringing Sacred Entheology rituals and Priests and Priestesses to teach this new wave of Entheology just as other cult leaders and gurus taught their Hindu or Buddhist debauchery. Their first message is that our Ancestors were gullible fools and idiots. And now the earlier arrivals have passed laws permitting those Sacred Entheology rituals by permitting widespread use of drugs like Native NorAm shamen have performed for centuries.

But Sacred Entheology rituals are being joined by designer drugs.

Can you defend your own integrity, property and Rights under these influences? Can you defend your children from this?

Our ancestors taught us: NO. What looks to some like Puritanism is actually a pragmatic acceptance of necessary defenses. Modesty inhibits excesses and invites respect for old lessons.

Do you still want to invest and develop the Drug Cult Industry?
Are Egyptians extinct?
Are Mayans extinct?
Are South China drug cults of the first millennium smashed by Chinese warriors to end the sociopolitical imprisonment extinct?
Did Rasputin overthrown a Nation with drug use in the Royal inner circle?
Did Netherlands lose their standing via drugs, debauchery and foolish investments into Lotus flowers?
Is that really so different from today?

My freshman year of college one roommate was a total stoner who arrived like a rat overboard carrying a mountaineering backpack filled: with a brownie pan of hashish (Moroccan Blond) on the bottom for ballast, the rest was Pot except for a couple articles of clothing on top. We had hellashus fights and I learned that Lutheran Church school had already abandoned morality and personal security. He dropped out and returned to Africa in pursuit of an indigenous hallucinogen undocumented in the West. He became an Ivy League Anthropologist and probably an aggressive ... ahem... Entheology devotee and evangelist. If he is honest he'll acknowledge that drug prevented its users for centuries from creeping
out of the jungle shadows and seeking betterment and solutions to problems.

Unreality interferes with reality and creates surreality. A weakened mind weakens personal defense and increases fear of the unknown.

If our Nation cannot stop the Dutch-like slide into debauchery, how do we invest securely?
If we are too stoned to care, how do we defend our country and ourselves?

Stay sober.
Avoid debauchery and don't support it in any way. Support the prohibitions of debauchery - at least to contain it with some kind of moat.
Invest in companies that support us FIRST. International business is not an objection.
Investing overseas ONLY is a concern. Joint Ventures gives respect to local control of local security.
Employing H1-B holders first and most is a red flag.
Foreign credentials are usually a fraud along with the character of the holder.
We deserve better than slum dogs and liars.

Our character is learned from long years of experience.
Transplants often object to our character and embrace the failed lessons of failed civilizations. Then they teach their B.S. to curious youth.

We all realize Southern Whites are afraid of angry Black employees - and for damn good reason. But importing labor because you never dun'em wrong and they ain't mad at'cha isn't a good reason.

The compound interest of Honor needs to start somewhere so that grandbabies have gandparents with honor.

Start today. Invest in jobs here at home. Support good education and especially work training and internships.
Support the Jaegers of industry and government. We need strength for our protection.

Our most valuable crop is our people who love and respect our Common Defense.
Find the servants who are competent and defend against debauchery and promote them.

Exporting jobs and importing debauchery is the wrong way to invest. It is Lotus Flowers.

Remember the Dutch failure. Debauchery is the downfall of nations.

This is what the Macroeconomics of Global Civil War looks like as outsiders tear away
at the fabric of a civilization.

Ask Russia if Rasputin was destructive.
Ask China if Opium was destructive.
Ask Netherlands if unbridled Liberalism and Hedonism was destructive.
These behavioral and personal and political matters can spill over to create the Macroeconomics of Civil War in a country.

What is so unique today is the concerted multi-national nature of the currant crisis making it Global: the Macroeconomics of _Global_ Civil War.
The Cats of Helsinki and the Ancienne Regime have joined the Kaiju to become a common enemy
Message 31700526

There has never been a time to be as conservative and cautious in USA. Oceans no longer protect us.

The contagion in PRC has trapped small unallied nations and the weaker of our own allies.

Financial and behavioral conservatism is needed.

Caveat Emptor.
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