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From: frmrVZguy3/20/2019 4:17:48 PM
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Is 4/5G 'Evo' Good Enough? POTUS hubris - forgetting to feed the kittens of 5G

Herding cats is tough business, what with the scratches and LOLing.

But when a POTUS gets tired of herding his neighbors cats, are his own kitties still in the barn? or did they run away? This is the dilemma our current POTUS faces on 5G and trade in general. His own kittens are becoming tigers without a ring master. His circus of agency managers are empowering USA firms for their financial benefit and then they are themselves getting clawed as the Corporations are exercising their new-found sharpened claws against Regulators they naturally, selfishly detest.

Thus, for example, 5G CBRS testing delayed another minimum of 6 months which enables the Open Source community to further their own agenda and products competing with ERIC, NOK and Huawei. All financed by the major partners in the Open Source community.

(A major problem is the slow pace of fiber and 100G and 400G deployment to new POPs. And airlines crashing.)

Is this wrong? Hmmm... it's certainly not illegal. The downside is that as USA dithers, the rest of the world buys and deploys. So, the the Open Source community is losing all those foreign markets in the expectation of protectionism winning the USA market for themselves.

Why aren't those markets buying the Open Source community products?

Delays, Costs, and Security

So, you thought security was just a China thing? I guess you didn't notice that the the Open Source community is based on the idea of non-ASIC alternatives: this means choosing between x86 PC and server CPU solutions versus newly developed ARM cpus. And on that front the the Open Source community is facing the greatest security threats of the last 10 years getting revealed as designed-in flaws are exploited and revealed.Oooops.

And then there is the real need for software in the nascent ARM server industry.

These weigh against the lighter cost for Huawei 5G-ready tech which is here and running now.

What would you do? Well, Samsung just signed contracts with Marvel after finding the, ahem, need for their custom tech was, ahem again, needed.

USA 5G tech is four years minimum behind China: either the silicon needs to be tested and proven free of backdoors and data leaks or the nascent software is still being written and tested. But in the greatest irony: China is too deficient in both electricity and Liberty to deploy their own 5G gear domestically and widely. Demonstrations and trials excepted.

The answer is clear to the dry-eyed and the sober: fully develop and deploy 4G to fulfill all the latest and best of it and leave EDGE and mmWave to deploy at a later date as it ripens.

Re-name and re-market LTE-Pro Advanced as 4/5G 'Evo' and just move on, letting the dogs bark at the kittens. And those dogs are exactly what POTUS needs right now: snapping, barking, frothing shepherding dogs.

That's the next 'come to POTUS' meeting that needs to be held.
China can wait.

The message: Perfection is the Enemy of Progress (and 4/5G Evo).

Existing POPs can service 4/5G 'Evo' just fine and the super-low latency 5G applications just aren't a ripened market.

This is a unique moment in which profiting NOW also means better security NOW.

5G-exclusive CAPEX can wait. Revenue enhancement can't. Sun-setting 2/3G enhances 4/5G 'Evo'.
A round of cellular upgrades to remove 2/3G devices from the Market enhances revenue at home and with our trusted and allied partners. This is a win-win just as repatriating overseas profits and repatriating our defense assets does.

And as a side note and suggestion for his Summer Recess: Consider a ranching, riding and fly-fishing stay on Eastern Washington or Montana land. A nice 4/5G-connected Western Whitehouse retreat. Give industry a chance to meet POTUS and the Regulators over beans and campfires and prove existing gear, e.g. VZW LTE-only cellular gear is awesome and fast.

Godspeed Mr. President.
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