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Strategies & Market Trends : Thomas DeMark's Sequential signal.
IQ 19.16-1.8%Nov 11 3:59 PM EST

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From: Doug R2/21/2019 1:26:12 AM
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When the eye shows up you know who's behind it. The Club of Rome etc. elites, believe it or not, are well known satanic cultists. One of Satan's biggest peeves is his inability to create from nothing. His leading trait is lying. His biggest peeve is that God placed humans above all other created beings in order that they have free will. No other being that God created has free will. And the only way for humans to have it is to NOT be under...or subservient to...any other created beings. Satan, before humans was top dog. The most accomplished of God's created beings. But not without flaws. With the advent of humans, Satan was essentially "demoted". Satan's flaws have controlled him ever since.

Anthropogenic Global Warming is a lie that falsely "creates" something from nothing. It is a direct attack on humanity. It is timed so that the Eddy Minimum will do the greatest damage if people are kept "in the dark" about it. Satan is obsessed with his inability to truly create so he puts a lot of effort into fake creations. Some call it Magick;

You don't have to be religious in any way to understand any of this.
The globalist backers don't care what god you do or don't believe in. It's what THEY believe that matters to them. They have "created" every aspect around AGW and they feel their power of creation is proven by everything that swirls around the AGW lie. They "created" the protests, all the efforts and products associated with "sustainable" energy. Even though the application of the word "sustainable" is a lie. But none of it is true creation. Just like building a house is only rearranging already created matter into the form of a house. The house is there, it's new...but it wasn't TRULY created. It was manipulated into being a house. All the AGW garbage is simply manipulation of what already exists.

And Satan is very good at manipulation. A whole religion, very nearly worldwide, has been manipulated into presence.

Cold is now said to be due to warming. CO2, essential for life, is bad. A warmer Earth is "dangerous" and a colder Earth is "better". The young are touted to be wiser than the old. Everything is inverted.

Also, Satan must follow rules dictated by God. One of those rules is to always allow a way for the truth to be seen. But Satan can obscure it in perverse ways to the point that it takes certain knowledge and acute discernment to see it.

Remember, it's not about what YOU's about what they believe. And about what they're doing because of their belief.

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