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Technology Stocks : Sequans, the investors board
SQNS 5.000+4.2%May 14 4:00 PM EDT

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From: frmrVZguy7/13/2018 5:37:47 PM
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The 5G Kittens of Helsinki: Herding cats toward the future with Booo!
Erudite pundits dare to claim that HISTORY is the map to the future.
History is the road map of potholes in the rundown interstate to yesterday.
To get to a tomorrow that we desire requires a vision for a road unlike the past, but very obviously connected to the past and guided by the lessons of the past.

Funny how similar the presiding decisions in 5G mimic the decisions being made over the Rulers and Rules of PEACE: Security, Trust, Economy.

For investors in SEQUANS, the harsh light of "Divide and Conquer" has been more than illuminated truth.
It has been expensive.
The failure to sunset 2G and 3G is exactly the cause of slow and expensive adoption of 5G: 4G isn't yet fully developed. The race to 5G is actually a race to sunset 2G and 3G and in THAT race, China and India are leading, not USA.
And the lack of 4G profits is holding back 5G.
Ditto global democracy.

On the world stage, two Leaders of Great States formed from the downfall of Ruling Monarchies are about to meet.
At the formation of those States, the Casus Belli was Reformation of the Holy Gospel: People heard the TRUTH and realized they were living under a despotic regime intent on maintaining a state of psychological and political terror.
True Word led to reform - sometimes excessive and bloody. Kings, Princes and Boyers slept lightly, if at all.
New rules were written to describe the freedoms and powers in people and government, and limits of freedoms and powers.

It is odd to realize that back then the printing press was a tool of both sides and pamphleteers were the bloggers of their day and could be sentenced to death for opposing local government with reformist printings.

So, all ^this^ is a 5G topic relevent to SQNS owners?
Oh h3ll yeah.

2G and 3G are the Conservative, Orthodox ruling class of service representing a crippling tax in a despotic regime of telecommunication - rhetorically speaking. And 5G is the disruptive proto-anarchist.

The Leaders meeting in Helsinki know their history well enough to know Reformation is fraught with peril.
They know both the limits of freedoms and the powers of government need to be prepared.

Very many of you, I would guess all but a handful of you, have no idea how our own Military was terrified of the Internet and its possibilities and even warned waaay back in the '80's of an impending data war. So when you read of the 'SkyNet-style' systems developed and implemented by 5-Eyes Nations you should know that the harsh lessons of History are guiding their actions. Just as the designs of the printing press were not secret and thus duplicated by anarchists and then simplified and minitiarized to fit in a wagon, so today are the codes of spycraft.

Very many of you, I would guess all but a handful of you, have no idea how the civil wars in India, Arabia, Persia, Chechnya and our colonial states are related - they were all financed by a single Empire bent on domination. Generals Lee and Shamil are dead, but their spirits live on in the descendent's just as hell-bent on forming their own despotic empires of fascism and bigotry. These descendant of bigotry are using the best technology for communication command control and disruption available.

This is a future that anarchists want to craft in their own designs - but it can't be allowed or rule by thuggery will result. And thuggery has been the enemy of peace for over a thousand years of modern history.

And for that reason, 5G needs to be deployed at a pace that PEACE can afford.

mmWave should be available, safe, and limited in its use.
Eventually, tools of Government will be capable enough to disrupt anarchists and lawless actors at 5G speed. Today? Nope.

This is a case of bad actors spoiling our enjoyment of culture like drunken drivers.

And that circles back to Helsinki.

While there is an argument surrounding small skirmishes in Ukraine and larger ones in Syria and giant ones across the Levant, this is by definition a meeting between Rulers deciding how to control an uprising of reform-minded militants and thus it is also window into their calculus that might be used at home in decisions regarding 5G. Islamic 'Rasputniks' are fully weaponized in Syria and across the Levant, and a legitimate ruler has been overwhelmed and nearly overthrown. A similar civil war occurred in the Baltic States during the 90's and well-educated observers fully recognize the horrors and excesses of that period.

If such excesses were allowed to be conducted in the 5G era in the systems of communication command control and disruption then democracy would be at peril.

We are outside observers at a time of great portent.

I have some confidence that POTUS has been briefed well on the casus belli in Ukraine just as in the other locations.
And I expect that his advisors are well learned in the Historic Leaders represented in the geographical area under dispute.
And I fully expect that the deep, dear Historical relationships represented by Catherine the Great and other of the great marriages conceived for peace are fully in mind. POTUS himself is a representative of such a marriage - even if only symbolically.

A thousand years of war across the Balkans and Black Sea states has been a heavy burden and History well describes the potholes.
There are one thousand years of souls crying out for peace in the region, and two men who need to hear them.

Now, the Great Question is: will an enemy of peace who is driven by selfish desire for Empire rise up and destroy both 5G and POTUS attempts at detente just as that same State actor did historically from India to the Caucasus and into our own States? That enemy is well known and active and two-faced.

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

Develop 4G to its fullest and 5G will be safe by the time it is ready to deploy widely.
Sunsetting the Anciene Regime of 2G and 3G is a step to hastening 5G.

We shall see the corollary in Helsinki and that will tip the state of mind of POTUS. What relic of the past will be 'sunset' to enable the future? What relic of the Anciene Regime can be retired?

One relic is the heavy burden of expense by our Nation to defend Europe.
That is a relic that has been successfully challenged with 'Booo!'
And when those dollars are repatriated, our economy will gain another increment just as it did on tax reform for overseas revenues being repatriated.
These are major successes already booked by the current administration.

While 'Booo!' is an unorthodox style, it has been effective and entertaining.

Can peace in Israel, Korea, and the Caucasus all be achieved under Trump?

Godspeed Mr. President.

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