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Politics : A New Conservative Movement

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To: Brumar89 who wrote (145)5/22/2018 1:21:24 AM
From: sense  Read Replies (1) of 184
It's an interesting perspective, but, mostly for how it exposes the logical error inherent in making irrational leaps from "this is true" to the next step in "so, therefore, we must commit electoral suicide." That's not me suggesting that the best solution is to continue to run "centrists" to try to avoid controversy in closely divided districts... rather than me pointing out that the requirement for success, in that situation, isn't for conservatives to abandon the Republican party on principle, but for them to take control of party leadership away from the shiftless "centrists"... while re-invigorating the party with an effort that provides a more real and meaningful reason for anyone to actually take an interest.

Division and association are conflicting impulses... in every group.

The challenge isn't ever in how best to foster greater division... but in how to understand the methods being employed against you in imposing, enabling, fostering and sustaining particular divisions that are intended to ensure a result that has your faction always losing, rather than the other guys faction losing.

What I find most important in the "debate"... is that most mainstream Republicans and virtually all of the Democrats, irrespective of their interest group associations within the party, are so far behind the power curve in understanding any of what's happening in politics today... that they're almost irrelevant in the discussion that matters, and the only point in listening to most of them is in judging the degree in how true that is.

The corruption of the existing power elite is so complete that they're almost entirely divorced from reality.

I agree that the "mainstream" R's (or, RINO R's) have long been offering a path that inevitably leads to failure in advancing the party agenda, as has been true for something more than the last half century, at least...

Where I will part paths with others, perhaps, is in NOT simply assuming that they have been and are acting in good faith in making the effort they have. It is clear enough to me that they've failed on purpose... and continue to fail on purpose.

The best news... is that Trump, at least, quite fully understands the nature of the challenge presented by Republican "leaders" who fully intend to lie to their constituency about what they intend to do when elected... and then give the "aw, shucks" routine as an excuse when presented with their failure to deliver... exactly as they intended.

We have, this week, finally reached a "tipping point" in the Trump administration's challenge to end the intrinsic corruption that sustains the "deep state" cabal of the hard left and the RINO right...

And, that's why you saw the unseemly underbelly of the beast finally being exposed in the key event this week... with former CIA perpetrator in chief Brennan THREATENING Senator McConnell and Speaker Ryan.

I note how odd it is that no one else seems interested in commenting on what that MEANS... to see the resident heart of evil from Obama's deep state... responding to the proof of the failure of the "compromise" between soft socialist RINO's and the hard D left... with threats.

There is a new division being crafted in American politics this week... or, more accurately, finally being exposed now... as Trump finally shifts from patiently playing defense to playing a fairly aggressive game on offense...

RINO "leadership" still should be expected to remain as unable as ever to find a backbone of their own... but, Trump now having taken leadership of the movement and the party from them, Trump is now holding them accountable in a way that they've not ever been held accountable before...

And that's a change that is going to make the next couple of months easily among the most interesting and entertaining in American political history...

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