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EV Sales By Fast Charging Standards; The “Big 3” Converge – 2017 Edition

13 hours ago

by Mark Kane


Worldwide DC Fast Rechargeable Electric Car Sales (estimated) – EV Sales Blog data

CHAdeMO-compatible cars still are sold in higher volume than cars compatible with CCS Combo or Tesla fast charging standards.

Combined Charging System (CCS)

EV Sales Blog compiled plug-in car sales data to see how the situation has progressed for CHAdeMO, CCS Combo and Tesla Supercharging (excluding China’s GB/T).

As always, here we need to explain the following:
  • CHAdeMO is worldwide standard (all the CHAdeMO-equipped cars are compatible with all the CHAdeMO chargers)
  • CCS Combo – occurs in two versions (Combo 1 & Combo 2). The Combo 1 is used in North America and South Korea, while Combo 2 is promoted in most of the rest of the world. The cars with Combo 1 are compatible only with chargers with Combo 1 plugs, and the same concerns Combo 2. In other worlds, those are similar, twin, but incompatibile standards.
  • Tesla Superchargers – also occurs in two versions. First is proprietary for North America (and some other markets), while the second is based on the European Type 2 AC plug, but modified to handle 1-phase, 3-phase and DC charging. Cars and Superchargers in North America and most of the rest of the world are incompatible (at least until someone will not modify them). This is one of the problem when importing used Tesla from U.S. to Europe.
The results over the first nine months of the year 2017:
  • CHAdeMO – 126,475 (580,959 total)
  • Tesla Supercharging – 103,122 (286,750 total)
  • CCS – 85,475 (201,601 total)
  • Chinese GBT – excluded from the comparison
The battle is getting hot this year. CHAdeMO will be supported by the surging new Nissan LEAF. CCS will be supported by a growing number of BEVs. And Tesla standards will get support from Model 3 sales.

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Here is a graph showing cumulative results to date:

All-time Worldwide DC Fast Rechargeable Electric Cars Fleet (estimated) – EV Sales Blog data

Source: EV Sales Blog
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