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To: Auger50 who wrote (21652)3/2/2018 7:32:51 AM
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Hi Auger,
As I've said before, I don't put much stock in what Joe says. It's not that he is a sociopath. He's always been about promotion, and that is a function that a CEO has to fill. Of course it has to be honest promotion. What Joe forecasts is based on things he is told by licensees. We all saw the Lincoln not happen after Mark Fields mostly talked about the SPD on CNBC and said something like 'when this goes into production, you'll touch the glass to make it change."

But until it's done, it's not done. The lead times for the Hondajet, the E1000 the way the beechcraft production started then stopped etc etc. The S Sedan had MSC as an option for 9/14, then it didn't come out until 11/16 and then in very low volume.

Mclaren, Knaus?, Panasonicf the trains. There is progress, but nothing like what anyone here hoped for or thought would happen. Maybe it's price, maybe it's demand in general, maybe it's awareness and some combination of all these.

But it's not coming out of projects that it's in, and that's very important.

Vision's PR indicated that they intend to scale up to industrial production and I assume they have a customer or customers for Smartlite products or they wouldn't expand.

Fokker did launch the b2b ad, do they have any customers, who knows? Over the years there have been lots of companies that were well capitalized and enthusiastic, BEAS's Intellicabin is a good example.

RFI can go on forever like this with dilution to us.

I share your disappointment, but at this point, I'm willing to see if there is demand for the performance that SPD offers. I'd like to see AGP's Varioplus IRL to see if it is really neutral color.
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