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To: Brumar89 who wrote (1046309)1/3/2018 3:03:04 PM
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Thinking about war with NK:

War with NK wouldn't be like bombing a Syrian airport or sending Special Forces into Niger or Yemen. He couldn't give an order to attack a nuclear power backed by two other nuclear powers, and then leave for the typical golf weekend.

He would need to be put in a safe place for the duration of hostilities ..or at least till we know how bad the conflict will be. No tweeting. He'd have to spend a lot of time with military briefers. It would cut into Fox News time. This is all unthinkable for this man.

When it comes right down to it, this POTUS will not want his routine disturbed. Over a little country he probably couldn't find on a map a year ago? He won't do it unless he's told it'll just be an air raid and nothing more. And how could they possibly know that?

Thinking more about Korea, a real dealmaker could cut a bold deal .... maybe.

A deal with China and SK involving America leaving SK entirely, KJU and family are made to disappear, the Korea's are united with SOUTH Koreans in charge and NK denuclearized. SK wins, China wins, US wins. KJU loses. IF we had a dealmaker in the WH.

Trumpty isn't a real dealmaker. His idea of a deal is saying stuff you don't mean to get a deal, then immediately trying to screw everyone else involved. Partners, lenders, contractors, customers. If everyone else is a loser, he thinks that's winning for him.

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