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Trump and his economically retarded followers have reduced taxes even further for corporations which will further reduce spending and incomes in the US and make investment returns smaller.

Actually that is not the facts. 90 % of American middle class received a tax reduction. Setting the stage for increased spending. In turn that spending circulates through the land as it passes from hand to hand creating more within border employment.

What people fail to understand. Is tax increases on corporations simply get passed down to consumers, ( The working class) by increased pricing causing inflation. Reducing both buying power and standard of living.

Not only does highly taxing corporations increase the living costs of common people. It also creates strain on corporate finances as they still have to be competitive with imports from lower wage imports. 401 k, Mutual funds, Pension funds , and other forms of retirement savings and personal investing. Is totally dependent on business profits to grow for working people invested in those entities. It is not as simple as it looks on the surface.

Population is expanding. There is a choice. Either generate more money or dilute its value as it is spread among the massed. There are five ways to increase money and maintain it's value for a country.

Grow and sell it, (Agriculture)
Invent (Technology ect.),
Manufacture and sell it, ( Which Trump is trying to bring back )
Mine it and sell it. Natural resource sector)
Tourism ( Bringing money from other countries they spend, and leave when they go back home)

A country is like a Merry-go- Round with ever more people coming on board . The engine that powers it to rotate is from the above sectors and the people employed in them.

The rest of the people exist riding on their backs. Attack their profits, degrade corporation growth, Slow the prime producers down and everyone suffers. Tantamount to starving an engine of fuel.

If anyone should be Taxed it would be the Hollywood crowd who lavishly exist in a make believe world on the backs of hard working people.
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