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To: elmatador who wrote (137790)1/3/2018 12:52:54 AM
From: Elroy Jetson  Read Replies (3) of 143505
Moving manual assembly line work to China or to robots in the US should make Americans wealthier - but something else was going on. Self-inflicted harm.

The problem in the US was greatly reduced demand following Ronald Reagan's huge tax cuts for the wealthy. The wealthy don't spend much of their money but invest most of it.

This has resulted in lower demand and lower sales, especially in areas where rich people don't live - which leads to lower income and unemployment. It also created what Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke called "a curious capital surplus" which drove down returns on investment because more of the nation's income was directed toward investment.

Now Trump and his economically retarded followers have reduced taxes even further for corporations and the very wealthy which will further reduce spending and incomes in the US and make investment returns smaller.

The other big demand by the Trump ding-dongs is "they want to be free from healthcare". They want their Medicare taken away and they don't want average working people to be able to buy health insurance or pay for medical care. If you get sick or have an accident all you need is a single bullet, which is why they think they need guns. And if you're going to shoot yourself to avoid having medical care forced on you, you might as well murder a number of your neighbors.

The people who supported Trump and Reagan would rather act out and murder their neighbors and their family than admit they made a horrible mistake. They're not people who take personal responsibility seriously. They can never admit they played a large role in destroying their own lives and the lives of their family. It always has to be a "sneaky foreigner" or the Jew that caused their problems. It's Hitler all over again.
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