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Size of government - measured how? Meaning what? If "What share of GDP government spends" then it depends on what it's spent. If on welfare, that's different from military might, which is different from education, which is dissimilar from roads, which is not the same as old age pensions, or prisons, or bossing citizens around. "Size of government" doesn't say much of anything.

That's like saying "Size of population". 50 years go the dopey New Zealand government and many people thought bigger is better - economies of scale and all that. But if more people is better, then India and Bangladesh and Nigeria should be world leaders in being really great places. They are not. Luxembourg, Iceland, Switzerland, Monaco, Hong Kong, Singapore, Ireland would be no account nothings. They are world leaders.

More people as in USA was a good thing when free enterprise ruled and MAGA was way in the future. But more invaders and jihadists is NOT a good thing as the Euroserfs are now learning. 120 million people in Japan was fine because they were highly civilized and made really great things.

The idea of increasing young people by bringing people from Africa and Syria to look after old Euroserfs will not end well. Rather than look after the old Euroserfs, the new people are more likely to do a Rwanda on them. Why look after them when you can kill them and take their stuff?

When jihadists move in, they don't turn into nice, normal, Englishmen. Sadiq Khan does NOT want Big Don in London, for example.

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