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Have you noticed that 50% of the people in TV ads now are minorities? I guess they are making up for the years when there were none. If instruction is being given, it's usually the minority telling the non-minority what to do.
That didn't come out of the blue in this country. It's the ripening fruit of a long-operating agenda against the Whites:

First, make the white male, the warrior of the white race, ineffective. Get him out of the home through welfare and easy divorce laws, Design divorce laws to punish him. Make his kids fatherless.

Since single mothers cannot make up the loss of a stable father, the State takes over his role raising them. Teach them to despise tried and true values till there are none left except Whim. Whims are what little children live by. Their arrested development keeps them perpetually dependent on the State.

Their wards are now even unable to define gender roles because the one Male they needed has been driven from their universe. Men don't raise snowflakes blown around by the slightest winds of change; single mothers and left-leaning school systems do. This all is Leninism 101.

Closer to your point: Try to name a modern sitcom or commercial that doesn't show the female as the condescending problem-solver and the male as an idiot. The decades long popularity of The Simpsons comes from spoofing this phenomenon.

Now the minorities can rise against the Whites because their Warrior gender has been emasculated. The commercials are only showing off their growing victory.

Thank God there were enough men and women left who were able to abort (I love using that word in this context especially) the coup de grace of a Hillary presidency. They were successful in electing an alpha male to the the White house. It's a start. Now what? What reversals can America bring to term? Only TWT.
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