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If by numerous, you mean the ONE from Flynn, then I accept that he broke the law when he lied to the FBI about his contact with Russians, after the FBI worked very hard to entrap him, and after over 30 years of stellar service to this country. So he broke the law for lying. But his actual contact with the Russians during the period when Trump was President-Elect was a lawful activity. That is why all of this Russia shit is so crazy. If Trump or his people contact Russians during or after he was elected President, then HE WAS DOING HIS JOB AND THERE IS NOTHING ILLEGAL ABOUT IT.

The real illegality is paying for a fake dossier from former KGB agents and using it to meddle in a Presidential election. Wait who did that? Hillary. That's the real crime here and she's not being investigated. Why? Because the people in charge of her investigation were ILLEGALLY colluding with her to suppress evidence of her criminality. Leaking confidential FBI information: Comey - illegal. Working against a Presidential Candidate while in office at the FBI and on an investigative detail of Hillary: Strokzy - illegal. Meeting with a Presidential Candidates husband on the tarmac and instructing the FBI to give immunity to key witnesses to suppress evidence of criminality: Lynch - illegal. What is all that called? CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY TO OBSTRUCT JUSTICE and is punishable with jail time. Who did that? COMEY, STROKZY, LYNCH.

It's 2018. Time for all biased people to get their heads out of their asses and have the come to Jesus meeting you've manage to delay for so long.
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