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To: lucky_limey who wrote (7469)12/30/2017 2:06:02 PM
From: J.F. Sebastian  Read Replies (1) of 7534
Are you trolling or just that misinformed? I honestly can't tell...

I contend that the batteries are not bad at all.... that it was forced upgrade induced by SW. There has been no outcry about failing phones..... only complaints about slowdowns after OS updates.

This change to processor throttling happened in iOS 10.2.1

Apple and iOS 10.2.1 address unexpected shutdowns on iPhone 6, iPhone 6s

(note the date: Feb. 23, 2017)

"For a while now there have been reports of some older iPhone models, namely iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, shutting down unexpectedly. Apple introduced some diagnostics into iOS 10.2 back in December to try and determine what was happening and, with iOS 10.2.1, they've rolled out a fix."

No other phone makers has been compelled to do similar things and for most parts the batteries of all phones are essentially the same.
That's because most other smartphone makers no longer release majors OS updates for their phones after about a year or so, just security ones...or none at all!

Android phone makers have a history of not supporting "outdated" hardware, with outdated meaning you bought it over a year ago.

So, while you're phone will remain relatively fast, it won't get any new features or security updates. Apple tries to make iOS work on older models as for far longer. The iPhone 5s that debuted in September of 2013 can still install the latest iOS, currently 11.2.1.

One can definitely argue that Apple should have made this much clearer from the beginning, because it does smell bad. If you have real evidence that Apple was actually lying about this battery issue to sell more iPhones rather than replace batteries, I'd sure like to see it. Perhaps it will come out during trial if the lawsuits against Apple move forward (at total of 9 so far, last I counted two days ago).
Tesla Lithium batteries have an 8 year unlimited mileage warranty
Now you're comparing the batteries in a Tesla to those in smartphones. I don't know where to begin.

I know it's the holidays and there's plenty of drinking to go around, but you can do better than that.
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