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Maybe more akin to roulette or betting the horses than the stock market.

I think it's fairly similar to the internet stocks in 1999. You want to try to get into Amazon and not into It seems like crypto is here to stay, but which coins will be around and dominant five years from now is the question.

I did read something on enigma(token?) that claims to solve both privacy and scale issues.

The are loads of new coins coming out all the time that claim to solve all the crypto problems. Claims are nothing. What you need to become big in crypto are

1- Network support - in Bitcoin it's miner that run the network. All the coins that are big have lots of servers all over the world running their nodes and managing/running their network. You gotta somehow get others to pay for servers, install the software that runs the coin network, and keep doing that.

2- Mass adoption - the more people that want to buy and own and use your coin, the better.

3- It's gotta work well (fast and cheap and secure). Some of these coins are actually supposed to do something other than be a store of value. It can be hard to have your program/network/coin work well when it's on a decentralized computer network with no single entity in charge.

Bitcoin has 1 & 2, but not 3 (too slow and expensive)

Getting #2 is the hard part. Lots of developers announce they have created the next best thing, and perhaps they have, but they need to get the rest of the world to try it out and agree and use it instead of whatever the rest of the world is using today.


Which brings us to my theory of what will eventually cause the end of Bitcoin. It goes like this:

MSFT,Apple and GOOG/Android announce that all PCs and cell phone from 2020 will include the ability to store and mine the new WorldCoin. The user interface is an app on a phone or a piece of software on Windows. Each phone / PC purchase from 2020 to 2030 will include one of these new coins. And then the distribution of the coins is finished, the network runs similarly to Bitcoin with miners receiving transaction fees, which are really low since I don't know .... it's well designed.

The code for this project is open source from launch in 2020. There is no pre-mine. Apple, Android and MSFT do this because it's good for cell phone and/or PC sales.

And then.....for what purpose do we need Bitcoin?
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