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To: E_K_S who wrote (60249)12/27/2017 2:34:14 PM
From: Paul Senior   of 61339
OT. My car story. (From memory - some dates/facts might be wrong).

It's 1974 and I'm new in California and needing a car. I look around, decide to buy a new Subaru. (Subaru at that time pretty new to US car market - didn't produce their 4-wheel sedans then) Have the car for a few years, find it unreliable though, and sell for a new GM sedan. Later I read a story about famous investor Peter Lynch: He reported that he found Subaru in his research, bought it in 1974 for about $3/sh and said that it was one of his best investments in that he sold it a few years later for $30/sh. So I look back at how the stock did over the time I owned my Subie and he's right -- 10 bagger. -- And I'm kicking myself -- why didn't I consider buying the stock too when I bought my Subaru? Even just a few shares? 'Cause if I sold that stock when I sold my Subaru car, I too coulda/shoulda have made 10x on my investment. Enough to easily have paid for the $3400 car.

So I told myself then, every time I buy a car, I'm go to look at the stock of the manufacturer. If I like the car enough to have plunked down money to buy it, and if the stock looks even remotely ok, I'm going to buy the stock and hope that as I hold the car with the stock for 3,5, or 10 years -- that that stock will reward me for holding it.

I have done that with the cars I subsequently bought. And it has worked out satisfactorily given the funds I committed to do this. In retrospect though, what I considered and what I shoulda/coulda (but didn't) do was to buy equivalent $ of stock at least equal to the car price. Just never have been able to get the guts/conviction to do that.
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