Technology Stocks : The Singularity, A.I.: Machine & Deep Learning,. and GFA
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Those guys are strong sources of emergent information realities.

Because my job is Input, as an objective observer operating under the governing properties of social systems in motion. governed by RO/RS=CF. High levels of confidence that the truths therein will become important leading edge momentum makers.

In the process of moving our society into quantum mechanical rule sets. (as predicted by 2012 end of Baktun)

Classical mechanics and the information projected by habit, ensures that the disconnect with old mediums and media will continue at an accelerating pace.

These guys are examples of the necessity for examining a system at its edges. These guys are at the edge, showing paths away from a past. into a future, not predicted by anyone in main stream media.

As we engage system analytics we must all shift our awareness from binary classical thinking to multi validness inherent in quantum social systems. This Truth is governed by the awareness that the systems themselves; are in motion.

In arranging your own discovery, be prepared to encounter the limits about capability of sources.

The first clue about how much should be allowed into your information product from any single presentation is to spot spurious correlations. Spurious correlations can be proven correct or their emergent properties can be suspended for indeterminable durations.

Seek holistic understanding as the primary goal of objective observation.

In this time, none of the old binary institutions like republican or democrat are useful to us as objective observers. Its the motion and evolution of systems that describe us, not linkages with obsolete preferences.
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