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From: frmrVZguy12/18/2017 11:13:10 AM
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EU Security Gains IoT Champion: Thales buys Gemalto. Twins Transform Industry. Regulators Gain Partner in Battle for Internet Space Security.

per "Atos said it would not engage in a bidding war but would be open to further discussions with Gemalto should the Thales deal collapse."
"“In terms of DNA, the two companies look much more alike,” said Richard-Maxime Beaudoux, an analyst at Bryan, Garnier & Co."

Recall earlier in Message 31391600
"Liberty and Security are fraternal twins, like Janus always arguing. BOTH are needed. Too much of either are disastrous. Balance is needed."
"I don't have an answer to a right or wrong sort of question. I only have a response: Trust AND Verify."
and on Net Neutrality
"It's about increasing the number of sources of CAPEX to build the next generation of revenue, and then and thus gain access to devices and the accounts that contain them and the revenue that springs from those accounts _including_ the Silent Springs of revenue that arise as dotGOV pays the account managers for the data dust generated by the device uses."

We live in an era in which the largest CPU provider in the world and the largest Software OS provider in the world, both American and therefore allies to EU, BOTH have been discovered building into their products backdoors that permit the largest theft of... geeez... everything on a computer and everything that data represents: property, freedom, wealth, power, The Truths We Hold Self-Evident.

It is no longer enough for Excuses and Remediation Plans to satisfy partners and allies that those two giants can and will look to your (our) best interests. Either the process to design safe and secure solutions is too difficult, or the intention is conflicted.

Trust is Shattered.

Combine that with allegations and proof of server hacking of both Public and Government computers here and abroad and you have a Crisis forcing a new Paradigm.

EU States can no longer trust USA as in the past. Trust AND Verify requires a new Paradigm.
Enter the Paradigm: Thales buys Gemalto. EU launches an EU Defense Force.

I expect an expansion into M2M and IoT MDM software to follow.
I expect the QCOM buy of NXP to be broadly modified or rejected.
I expect Ericsson's leadership in M2M and IoT MDM software to be combined with Nokia-Alcatel's security screening expertise.
I wouldn't be surprised to see a merger of ERIC and NOK forced by EU Block nations and forcibly pushed through World Regulator bodies on Security and Defense grounds.

I have written on this forum in the past regarding our own corporate Security assets acting 'Rogue' using tools developed for Governments as their own selfish spycraft weapons. And I have expressed concern these actions have been given tacit approval or impunity under secret Patriot Act and related Laws and Regulations in the USA.

While proof is always hidden, externalities suggest the Game is rigged and broken.

'Trust AND Verify' requires a new Paradigm.

EU States have a new Paradigm.

This will change how you need to invest your wealth.

EU States are looking to EU solutions for their Security because foreign solutions do not provide for the necessary VERIFIABLE TRUST. USA solutions will diminish as a result in that market. Alternatives will gain market share.

This is a macroeconomic sea change. This changes 2018 outlooks in dozens of companies.
DECEMBER 14, 2017 Seven decades in the making, a defense pact comes to the EU BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European Union nations are set to achieve a 70-year-old ambition to integrate their defenses on Thursday, signing a pact between 25 EU governments to fund, develop and deploy armed forces together after Britain’s decision to quit the bloc...
Democracy Dies in Darkness How the Pentagon’s cyber offensive against ISIS could shape the future for elite U.S. forces By Dan Lamothe December 16 ... The move sparked a debate in the U.S. government over whether American allies would object to the U.S. military’s altering computer networks abroad, The Washington Post reported in May. Some intelligence officials argued that using such weapons in other countries could jeopardize the cooperation of international partners on which U.S. law enforcement and intelligence agencies depend. But the cyber attacks were approved and launched anyway, ...
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