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I keep reading stories from "tech writers" who "inform" people that AI is NOT going to be the bad guy... no TERMINATORS coming folks... relax... get back to working or commuting or trying to save a buck on that consumer item or what ever you have to do to keep up with the Jones...

all that Terminator stuff is just Hollywuud's wacko ideas...

Busting the Myths About A.I. Invading Our Lives

I see these reassuring articles all the time... somehow, maybe because I watch a shitload of online courses on history? I'm NOT reassured that everything is OK. I had a teacher in High School who told us "history is not about dates... its about human motivations"... what a know it all eh?

Its not AI its CRISPR... those people KNOW that virtual immortality is within their grasp... they want it... if they don't get it you can be damned sure they their kids are going to have it. To do that they have to compete with other billionaires... and they have the money to hire the talent away from medicine for all the rest of us. After all the BEST genetic researchers are few and far between... just like good AI coders.

What you didn't know about this???

Their kids need to be super smart to compete, they don't wanna end up like the rest of us... plus have the BEST educations... plus super diets... health and fitness coaches... and AI implants. So when you are doing a deal with them... they can instantly find out everything they need to know about you... from the databases. No computer needed... the info will be projected on the inside of their eyes... not like the Terminator... its just... business... money... bitcoins...

Its gonna happen way faster than people expect... our brain genetics are going Moore's law very soon.

Haemophilia A trial results 'mind-blowing'

Nobody can argue that we shouldn't be altering the genes of zygotes with defects... and its not even a step up to enhance brain development genes... its the same thing especially since AI is transforming genetic research.
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