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To: Glenn Petersen who wrote (154)12/15/2017 4:06:12 PM
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> raise costs for graduate students

He he I saw that and thought yup... we're gonna need a LOT more Asian coders...

Despite the wails of Wall St about "supply and demand" they really don't believe in it. Supply and demand is hard. It means competition... which is why net neutrality is all over.

Monopolies... price fixing... cheap labor... trapping your users into your "ecosystem" these are the engines of the future.

Its actually kind of funny people swallow the lies.

The drug business is the classic business that obeys the laws of supply and demand. Remove some of the supply while the demand remains the same and prices go up. When prices go up more people get into the business and the people in it invest... in new technology and bribing politicians and bureaucrats. We found that out during alcohol prohibition.............


If you don't pay coders enough... a lot of people decide NOT to get into the business. Duh! Smart people see that its not just an 8 hour a day job... you are going to have to go back to school permanently... or become obsoleted at 40... and even if you are still coding the latest stuff at 40... they don't like old people in Silicon Valley. Old people over 35 demand too much and aren't worshipful enough... by 40 if you aren't in management you're a failure pretty much.

Better to import people from desperately poor countries or dictatorships... they are far more willing to work cheap. And they keep their mouths shut.

The big money needs to be made NOW... who cares if China takes over all the rest of the computer business they haven't taken over yet? A mansion is a mansion. Time is of the essence.
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