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From: frmrVZguy12/13/2017 4:47:56 PM
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Propaganda can be a powerful tool for either good or evil.
As it is used regarding NET NEUTRALITY, can disastrously damaging lies be shaped into something constructive?

Propaganda surrounding NET NEUTRALITY is attempting to create a popular discontent with cost into discontent with access. The net result (get it?) is actually a reform of of the cellular Ancien Regime. What is occurring is an enlarging of access by competitors via MVNO, and via spectrum (think DISH), and via towers building CDN and data processing into their base stations to have a new service to offer: EDGE CDN and computing too - aka Fog Computing. They are directly competing with traditional NOCs and you saw the reaction from VZ and T as they announced new tower construction of their own.

Ericsson has been a proponent of this model for several years and invested heavily into it. Their mini base stations were not adopted for some unknown reason, but their IP and technical know-how is alive and well as seen in its relationship with Verizon 5G deployment. And I have been beating the drum for years about RedBox enhancing their distributed movie business. Long before that I was developing a server business for data and video over POTS and held distribution rights to a major software app - until one morning I woke and discovered that a Cease and Desist order invalidated my rights as Apple, Cisco, and Akamai enforced their IP rights in the years before FRAND (mid-90's).

Tower companies are also 'getting into the game' with virtual mini NOCs from Vapor IO. These distributed CDNs are very much like the Ericsson mini base stations without cellular transmitters of their own - providing the CDN and data processing. This is exactly what Charlie Ergen desires - it's just that he doesn't have certified equipment to broadcast with - yet. Charlie wants access to NOCs for his dumb robots. Towers want to facilitate that expansion of service and to retain M2M Cloud Computing services as Fog Computing. These are spectrum-free and unregulated MVNOs for a new era.

So, what's really happening? Is it really about access to the net?
It's about increasing the number of sources of CAPEX to build the next generation of revenue, and then and thus gain access to devices and the accounts that contain them and the revenue that springs from those accounts _including_ the Silent Springs of revenue that arise as dotGOV pays the account managers for the data dust generated by the device uses.
^THAT^ Silent Spring of revenue is what is actually being deregulated by default. While you likely knew that SMS messages are available to Justice Department investigations, and I can tell you that every Call Center employee is trained to handle DOJ requests for SMSes by transferring them to specially trained reps in dotGOV-supporting offices, dotGOV is actually paying for kajillions (sic) of Mega-bytes of data from a myriad of agencies and this is BIG BUSINESS above and beyond Enterprise and Commercial accounts. You and I learned that from Snowden.

And now you have more idea why BigRed added LoRa device support to its portfolio of M2M Device Management despite not actually carrying the signal because it doesn't control unlicensed airwaves. Beyond the low revenue stream for M2M is the data analysis revenue paid by BOTH the company owning the M2M device PLUS dotGOV requests that are hidden from view. Today's tributary becomes tomorrow's mighty river as connected machines outnumber people. PLUS dotGOV needs staff members with Security Clearances to access that data stream and LoRa is competing for a limited population of qualified reps. BigRed has those people already.

So, it's about increasing available CAPEX, and Device and Data management and the revenue that results. Device management software is the 'killer app' for cellcos - and Blackberry lost market share making room for new entries designed according to cellco (and dotGOV) wishes. This is the new pathway to SCALE in M2M since devices themselves are slow to deploy.

And that , ladies and gentlemen is why SEQUANS is facing headwind. It's the same reason NOKIA sold out to Microsoft. It's the same reason Intel added ME to its CPUs.
Dance with the Devil or don't dance at all. Feast with the Devil or starve.
Liberty and Security are fraternal twins, like Janus always arguing. BOTH are needed. Too much of either are disastrous. Balance is needed.
Now, Who's in charge? And who's the decider? It sure ain't us.

Are we safer with more operators running the net? Start with the idea of EDGE COMPUTING located in little buildings at towers for power and fiber access. Ask yourself: Can these little buildings be burglered and the computers and service inside be hacked?
Does the sun rise?
What cost are we willing to pay for this liberalized network access and control? Or, what is the cost of hardening the EDGE?
It's a two-edged sword dangling over our heads like a Sword of Damocles.
Who loves the baby? Who unravels the knot?
I don't have an answer to a right or wrong sort of question. I only have a response: Trust AND Verify.

Last, How do we invest in this new era?
More on that later.

For any owners of Video technology that need legacy rights to video tech: I own software I'll sell you cheap. $1 plus a consulting 'finder's fee'. (Hey China ! ... any one out there reading this? You might find this useful in future legal actions brought by Apple for your own OTT apps.)

Vapor IO Is Virtualizing the Edge MARI SILBEY, Senior Editor, Cable/Video 12/13/2017 Whether you call it edge computing, fog computing, or something else entirely, the communications industry is now working hard to bring the scale and economics of a centralized cloud architecture out to the network edge. ..
Crown Castle Eyes Edge Computing in 2018 MARI SILBEY, Senior Editor, Cable/Video 11/27/201... Bock says he's excited by the idea of using Crown Castle real estate to tie together radios and sensors that support IoT applications. This might include hosting LoRa gateways and other cellular-based IoT equipment. Between the company's metro fiber, existing small cell program and the land at the base of its towers, Crown Castle has a lot to offer. ...
Qwilt Starts Caching on Verizon Edge MARI SILBEY, Senior Editor, Cable/Video 11/14/2017 ... Qwilt's caching approach is comparable to the way Netflix Inc. (Nasdaq: NFLX) uses its Open Connect Appliance to store video assets in the networks of service provider partners that sign up for its program...
Dish's spectrum 'a very loaded gun' to meet demand for the IoT by Colin Gibbs | Dec 12, 2017 ... The clock is ticking for Dish to put its airwaves to use one way or another... Dish said last month that it expects to sign its first deals with tower companies early next year as it plots its NB-IoT buildout, and it has already finalized deals with multiple vendors of telecom gear. “We are still focused on the narrowband IoT build as we shared in March with the FCC;..
5 strategies to monetize Mobile Edge Computing for 5G (Reader Forum) By Shamik Mishra, Director, Technology and Innovation, Aricent on DECEMBER 13, 2017... OTTs are now closing in on the mobile operator’s beachfront property — connectivity. Project Fi from Google and Amazon reselling mobile services in markets such as Germany are just two examples of the OTT land grab of connectivity. And if connectivity is the beachfront property, then MEC is the front-door key for operators that opens the potential to monetize 5G – and prevents them from becoming “dumb pipes” for OTT traffic...
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