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+Hi grusum and dvdw,

At the age of 19 1/2 I hopped in my 1955 Chevy and drove to Flint Michigan to attend GMI - a cooperative engineering school owned by GM.

At the time one had to secure a sponsorship of a GM Division to become a student there.

The program allowed students to go to school in 6 week increments and then go to do work sessions for another 6 weeks.

It allowed the debt free accomplishment in engineering and Industrial administration degrees.

Since my sponsor was Chevrolet Central Office (which was primarily a paper chase of large corporation bureaucracy), the first 3 years I was a traveler to all of the many manufacturing and assembly plants that were under the Title of Chevrolet.

The first year I put on safety glasses, ear plugs, and steel tipped boots and performed the UAW worker tasks at the various foundries, machine shops, and stamping plants in Michigan and Ohio.

During those days I was paid the entry level wage of a UAW worker - which at the time was a wind fall to a very high wage, relative to anything available in my hometown in Wisconsin.

I learned discipline to be at the time clock before work started and had (2) 15 minutes breaks and a 30 minute lunch hour.

During those breaks perhaps 1/5 of the work force would run accross the road to a bar and down some shots before running back to work - an equal ammount of workers would frequent their vehicles and smoke some pot. About as many would look at pornographic magazines and keep the boredom of the job place out of their mind for however long the break offered.

No doubt these harsh realizations were constant re-enforcement that my sole goal of an education was to keep out of these mind dumbing/numbing escapes from the reality of boredom at the work place.

No doubt about it these were good paying jobs - but they were not (Good) paying jobs. There is indeed a subtle difference.

All too often I hear politicians say we need to bring back the good paying jobs of manufacturing.

To this I whole heartedly agree - but know in my mind, that the factory floor of today within all auto makers ,is not the lines of workers as it was in the golden era of autos being restyled every year like they were in the 50's and 60's.

The factory floors now have legions of robots who neither need ascapes from boredom through drug,alcohol or pornography. Today's workers have training and deal with statistical sampling and to a much greater degree 100% sampling. Their tasks are finding the out of norm conditions and changing the processes before safety or the cost of recalls enter the equation - they have purpose and variety.

They are satisfying jobs that deal with the standard deviation of the norm not the repetition and its numbing deterioration of the human mind.

I can assure you, when we as a country allow the repatriation of foreign profits back to the USA - it will yield a record low level of jobs and a record high level of robotics (which will be employment of a different type as well).

This is not bad news - it is the beginning of ushering the next industrial revolution.

Done properly, it will infuse Artificial Learning with robotic coordination - all of which will be supported by innovative challenged human minds.

These fabs will be the final efficiency that require robotic supervision and maintenance. What they will not require is unions fighting to keep the weakest workers employed,healthcare for all,and inefficiencies that swell the payrolls of union workers.

When the US is transitioned to this new ultra efficient manufacturing model the world will follow and the vast populations of the world will once again find population as a burden that may well only be answered by famine and violence.

The new manufacturing economy will silently usher in destructive forces, one of which will again be a deflationary force that cheap labor will be unable to compete with on a global scale.

We'll know it is happening when China once again goes on the one child per couple restriction.

Educational needs will change at a faster rate and the older will be threatened.

Its a world changing faster and the ability to change and reprogram will be the trait that gives happiness and economic survival.

For the unemployed - retraining and assimilation will be necessary.

Those who shy away from these truisms, will be destined to poverty and no doubt a form of incarceration/restraint.

I do not type these words to say it is righteous and correct - I have more of an inevitable awareness that spawns many questions regarding our holistic and inevitable adjustments coming at an ever increasing rate.

To make giant step towards AI singularity creates fear in my thinking process, as I believe the transition will then become exponential.

Two classes of humans or would it then be two spcies of humans?


I'm blessed to be 65 years of age - I think <smile>

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