Technology Stocks : The Singularity, A.I.: Machine & Deep Learning,. and GFA
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To: John P who wrote (145)12/5/2017 5:52:06 AM
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The first 2/3 of the article appears to be factual. The author of the article checks out he has the
correct credentials as well.


Do you not believe that AWS has a government contract?

Undeniable that Gov contracts made AWS the leader in cloud.

Markets are information systems, my criticism of the article was specific to the outtake offered.

Asking secondarily why DOD might want to share space at AWS, comes from an understanding of the contentious status between the alphabet agencies.

The definition used is always the same.

Corollary #1
All systems are only as good as their sensory Organs.
A System is no Better than its sensory organs
Corollary #2
To those within a system, outside reality tends to pale and disappear;

In an effort to introduce quantitative methodology into this important area of research a group of dedicated systemologists has paid particular attention to the amount of information that reaches, or fails to reach the relevant systems administrators also classified as Control Units (CU) of any particular system.

The crucial variable they have found is the fraction Ro/Rs where Ro equals the amount of reality which fails to reach the control unit. And Rs equals the total amount of reality presented to the system.

The fraction Ro/Rs varies from 0 (full awareness of outside reality) to unity ( no reality getting through) The result is known naturally enough, as the COEFFICIENT OF FICTION (CF)

Positive Feedback (P.F. )obviously competes with reality R for input into the system. The higher the PF the larger the quantity of reality which fails to gain entrance into the system Ro, and thus the higher the resulting CF. In systems employing PF; values of CF in excess of 0.99 have been recorded. Examples include evangelistic religious movements, certain authoritarian government systems and the executive suites of some very large corporations.
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