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4G LTE-A PRO roll-outs are massive compared to so-called 5G mmWave plans. Here's some details
AT&T’s Arnoldi: Security cannot be an afterthought by Monica Alleven | Nov 30... Earlier this month, the carrier announced it was bringing 256 QAM, 4x4 MIMO and 3-way carrier aggregation (CA) to parts of Minneapolis, site of next year's Super Bowl...
AT&T bringing 256 QAM, 4x4 MIMO and CA to Minneapolis, gears up for Super Bowl by Monica Alleven | Nov 14, 2017 ... The operator announced the launch of its “5G Evolution” in parts of the city... Just last week, T-Mobile announced that it has expanded LTE Advanced to more than 920 markets, noting the “trifecta” of technologies—CA, 4x4 MIMO and 256 QAM—that it has live in 430 of those markets. T-Mobile also said it’s launching LAA to further densify the network for speed and capacity... AT&T’s targeting of 20 markets with 5G Evolution sounds tiny, but the chasm isn’t as wide as it might seem. “We have LTE-Advanced features in 900 markets and cover nearly 90% of the population,” an AT&T spokesman told FierceWirelessTech...
Ericsson Hypes 5G After Telcos Slam 5G Hype IAIN MORRIS, News Editor 11/28/2017 Ericsson obviously didn't get an invite to Huawei's recent Mobile Broadband Forum event in London... But the one who did so in a very publicized way, during a keynote speech at Huawei's event, happened to be Johan Wibergh. Not only is he chief technology officer of Vodafone Group plc , one of Ericsson's biggest customers, but he also used to work for Ericsson in an executive vice president role. He is probably worth listening to.
Let's Talk About 5G Efficiency, Not Wacky Services IAIN MORRIS, News Editor 11/21/2017... Johan Wibergh, Vodafone's chief technology officer, was on the same stage telling the audience that 5G is "overhyped." ... "We should stop talking 5G bullshit," said Santiago Tenorio, Vodafone's head of network strategy and architecture, echoing his boss's remarks, while Antje Williams, Deutsche Telekom's 5G executive program manager, insisted that 5G new radio, the most heavily publicized feature of the standard, is not particularly revolutionary... This 5G efficiency story is actually compelling. The 5G new radio alone is about ten times more cost efficient than 4G, Wibergh told conference attendees last week... "Operators will upgrade 12% to 15% of their networks every year," predicts Bengt Nordström, CEO of the Northstream consulting group, which has long harbored doubts about 5G as a revenue opportunity for operators. "To reach 90% of the population with 5G may take seven to ten years.".. Most agree that 5G will be useful and even economically important in various walks of life: They simply doubt that operators will get rich from it... executives from Ericsson and Finland's Nokia Corp. have acknowledged that 5G will co-exist with 4G for many years, and downplayed the possibility of a 5G-fueled surge in infrastructure spending..!/a/d-id/738626?
America's First 5G? So Far: So Blah! DAN JONES, Mobile Editor 12/1/2017 Is it too soon to say it? Verizon's 5G launch, which will be in Sacramento, Calif., in the second half of 2018, and most likely the first 5G launch in the US, is kind of, er, underwhelming.
Sprint hints at 6 Gbps sector capacity over LTE network by Mike Dano | Nov 29, 2017... Today, Ottendorfer said Sprint makes use of roughly 60 MHz of spectrum with 2x2 MIMO and 64 QAM across three sectors. He noted that Sprint has already tweaked several of those figures in order to reach LTE speeds approaching 1 Gbps. And in Sprint’s LTE network evolution Ottendorfer said the carrier can potentially—partly through the application of its massive trove of 2.5 GHz spectrum holdings—increase those figures to 120 MHz, 64x64 MIMO (16 layers per sector carrier) and 256 QAM to reach sector capacity of up to 6 Gbps... But massive MIMO is just one technology that Sprint plans to use in its LTE network. Ottendorfer said the carrier plans to use other LTE-Advanced Pro technologies like carrier aggregation across up to 32 carriers. The carrier has already deployed carrier aggregation across several carriers and spectrum bands... Ottendorfer said that the impact of the nation’s move to 5G network technology could create $500 billion in U.S. GDP growth and $275 billion in investments, which includes $93 billion in direct network construction
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