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To: Frank A. Coluccio who wrote (46114)11/25/2017 12:08:44 AM
From: elmatador   of 46642
Hi Frank. Always good to read your comments

This is a follow up of Datacenter geography is in for a major change

Perhaps you could read the article that preceded the one you commented on.
Granted that NY Middle Manhattan requirements are different than the vast majority of the world.
In NYC is what you know much much better than I do HFT concentration per sq mile financial capital of the world etc etc. but Central Manhattan is an anomaly. The rest of the world is the normal.

Individual users experiences are not differ when it comes to content. They just want content
Give you an example:

When I was young - and I tell you I was dirty poor when I was young- I wanted to listen to Credence Clearwater Revival. Buy Lee Jeans. Eat hamburgers and drink Coke. And I used to to to the movies to watch Clint Eastwood play Dirty Harry Callahan and John Wayne.

Once I became Homo Economicus. I bought a color TV to watch MASH. Sim and Garfunkel live in the Central Park as I learned English as a second language I subscribed to Time magazine to improve it.
When I met American and Canadians after I started my international career, we talked about our youth as if we had been neighbors, guarded the proportions, as hey have been fully immersed with American content.

As content dominates the Internet is is clear that there is not a big disparity on what consumers want in terms of geography. Thus the geography is going to chance forced by the market,

Did you read by post about the old aunt that was going to get incommunicado as the result of the changes prompted by the Telecom Act of 1996? Telecoms liberalization Deregulation and privatization?

The technological market we have today, owe to these changes. And rolling back Net Neutrality will impact positively in said market.

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