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There can be a case made that DV will become synonymous with HDR and HDR become same with 4K.

Expanding on this concept after reading several articles this weekend, the second part of this equation would be the world to move rapidly to 4K. If you think about the transition from regular HD to Full HD, which was just a doubling of the pixels, equipment made the transition pretty quickly but content did not. We are here in 2017 and virtually every non-streaming transmission is still in 720P. It was a bandwidth issue I guess, not enough demand to justify twice the bandwidth. Even DTV, which has a ton of capacity, doesn't have much 1080P content.

Point is, streaming has moved rapidly to 4K and a competitive move by the various broadcasters to match it would really drive the transition. DTV has 3 4K channels, one plays continuously, one has sporadic live sports, one is for PPV movies. Live sports in 4K is unreal. There is an article out today about over-the-air transmissions moving to 4K, the FCC is working on it.

I don't yet understand the metrics for DLB with regard to content, but I am sure they get paid in some fashion, and content will accelerate the equipment side, which they told us is a per device royalty.

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