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From: frmrVZguy11/14/2017 10:21:14 AM
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5G Problem meets Solution? Optical Stethoscope plus outdoor CPE at Verizon, Nokia per report
Nokia Bell Labs & Verizon Stretch Fixed 5G to the Home DAN JONES, Mobile Editor 11/13/2017
5G in the 'burbs? ... Nokia Bell Labs is working with Verizon Wireless .... It won't help in areas where foliage can block the 28GHz signal. ... "We can't change the laws of physics. Millimeter wave doesn't propagate well in buildings with concrete, or brick, walls, and covered in [low-e] glass windows," ... develop a 28GHz transciever that sits outside a user's window and connects wirelessly to a WiFi router inside the window, ... Sizer said the first unit they developed for Verizon used a 2.6GHz signal to connect the 28GHz radio to the indoor unit. .. The latest iteration uses an optical connection that Sizer said works better... "The idea of this solving the rural problem is folly. There are too many trees," Sizer said.

Comment: The limitations of individual-use 5G just keep getting repeated, along with challenges shown by these attempted solutions. The reality is that mmWave propagation limits and its power demands mean it needs to be a 'stand-off' solution aiding in creating a 'hairy backbone' and "Nearest Mile" network extension using small cells; and then low and mid-band radio LTE-A PRO aggregated service finish the "Last Yards".
Nokia already has these high tech small cells deployed with Sprint. So, it appears Nokia is just showing what it costs to put mmWave to individual users in good old fashioned R&D style.
Once informed of the costs, VZW can go or no-go.
Notice the clumsy 'pairing' of an optical transmission send/receive pair inside and outside attached to a window. That's in addition to the CPE mounted to the building near a window: for Professionals only! Sure, it'll work but.... the first device named will be preferred using aggregated wifi bands as long as it remains secured and thus private.
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