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From: BeenRetired11/10/2017 11:12:27 AM
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NVDA CC: Very, very exciting times...................................................................................

"And I think this is just the beginning of it all."
Bang on, Huang, bang on.

shills way toooo busy contort n distorting some vapor tree to mention the very, very exciting factual forest before their very eyes.

Facts. RegFD CEO not some 7 figure contort n distort artist.


And then lastly, this is probably the largest of all the opportunities which is the vertical industries. Whether it's automotive companies that are developing their supercomputers to get ready for self-driving cars or in healthcare companies that are now taking advantage of artificial intelligence to do better diagnostics of -- diagnosis of disease, to manufacturing companies to -- for in-line inspection, to robotics, large logistics companies, Colette mentioned earlier DHL. But the way to think about that is all of these planning -- all of these companies doing planning to deliver products to you through this large network of delivery systems, it is the world's largest plane [indiscernible] and whether it's Uber or DD or Lyft or Amazon or DHL or UPS or FedEx, they all have high-performance computing problems that are now moving to deep learning.

And so those are really exciting opportunities for us, and so the last one is just the vertical industries. I mean, all of these segments were now in a position to start addressing because we've put our GPUs in the cloud, all of our OEMs are in the process of taking these platforms out to market. And we have the ability now to address high-performance computing and deep learning training as well as inference using one common platform. And so I think the -- we've been steadfast with the excitement of accelerated computing for data centers. And I think this is just the beginning of it all.
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