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From: BeenRetired11/10/2017 11:03:53 AM
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NVDA CC: AI enables 1000's of startups solving previously unsolvable....................................

The fourth segment of our data center is providing all of that capability, what I just mentioned, whether it's HPC, training or inference and turning it inside out and making it available in the public cloud. There are thousands of startups now that are in -- are startup because of AI. Everybody recognizes the importance of this new computing model. And as a result of this new tool, this new capability, all these unsolvable problems in the past are now interestingly solvable. And so you can see startups cropping up all over the west, all over the east and there's just -- there are thousands of them.

And these companies don't either -- would rather not use their scarce financial resources to go build high-performance computing centers or they don't have the skill to be able to build out a high-performance platform the way these Internet companies can. And so these cloud providers, cloud platforms are just a fantastic resource for them. So it get rented by the hour. We created in conjunction with that, and I mentioned that all the service providers have taken it to market. In conjunction with that, we created a registry in the cloud that containerizes these really complicated software stacks. Every one of these soft -- frameworks with the different versions of our GPUs and different acceleration of layers and different optimization techniques, we've containerized all of that for every single version and every single type of framework in the marketplace.

And we put that up in the registry -- cloud registry called the [indiscernible] GPU Cloud. And so all you had to do was download that into the cloud service provider that we've got certified in Tesla 4. And with just one click, you are doing deep learning. And then, the last -- and so that's the cloud service providers. If you -- the way to guess that -- estimate that is there are obviously tens of billions of dollars being invested in these AI startups. And some large proportion of their investment fund raiser will ultimately had to go towards high-performance computing, whether they build it themselves or they rented it in the clouds. And so I think that's a multibillion opportunity for us.
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