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To get a feeling for how much money they should have "in the bank", you would have to subtract out the cost of all the materials they have used thus far. Plus administrative (aka: legal) and labor costs. And, let's not forget there might have been some "sales excursions" to off-shore islands (Tonga, etc.).

Plus, they would have to pay commissions on all those sales.

And, some of those sales were for a teeny weeny 10% down on the $1,050. So, only $105 per lens.

Put all those considerations into a calculation of their overall cash balance, and we should come up with ...

Heck if I know!

That's why all the details of who bought how many lenses, for how much, and when, are important ... regardless of what our new posting pal "Rankine" has to say.

They should also have already generated significant amounts of money by "producing electricity", as evidenced by the following quote:

We expect to be producing electricity on a small grid before the end of March and by the end of May. we should be in full production. This would mean we would be one of the largest solar companies in the nation. This will also mean great publicity and congressmen praising our breakthroughs. Right now we have about a billion dollars in orders and this will expand rapidly from there as we move forward.

That quote came from a Greg Shepard letter to "IRS Agents and Appeals Officers".

Date of letter: March 20, 2015.


It's also eight months prior to the DOJ's Injunction Claim filing.

Note that the letter was on March 20 of 2015, and he claimed they would be "producing electricity on a small grid" by the end of March, only 11 days away. He should have been quite sure of the timing of a big accomplishment like that, right?

I would expect them to have already been "producing electricity" several weeks/months prior to the time of the letter. Wouldn't you want your solar power plant to be "producing electricity" on at least a single tower prior to claiming a near-term connection to the grid? I certainly would.

The above quote came from:

There are some really interesting tidbits of info buried in those court filings. I especially like the deposition snippets. I wonder if "we" can get copies of the entire depositions via a FOIA request?

Sure is a pretty day.

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