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From: TEDennis10/5/2017 9:39:19 AM
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Just over a week ago:, on Sept 27, 2017, "chief" (aka: Greg Shepard) posted the following on the ProBoards forum.

About two towers a day are having the solar frames put into the solar rings. The crew works ten-hour shifts four days a week.

Work continues to get a tower or two producing electricity.

Wow ... they are STILL trying to get a tower to produce electricity?

So, does that mean they weren't even "nearly operational" back in November of 2015 when the DOJ filed their Injunction Claim?

By golly, I think it does.

Now ... why are there still ZERO towers erected at the Phase II site where there were supposed to be 150 towers "up" by the end of 2013?

Maybe this quote by "chief" will explain it.

The reason the towers are not being installed right now is a matter of construction efficiency. There is a limited construction crew. They need to get all the solar panels installed in the 200+ trusses first. Then, they can drill the 15-foot holes and insert and cement the towers in place.

Wow ... I hope the DOJ is appreciative of all this info that supports their claim(s).

I'm wondering whether IAS/RaPower3/LTB1/SOLCO/anybody has a Conditional Use Permit to construct a solar power facility in Millard County?

I also wonder why there is such a "limited construction crew"? If the technology worked as well as they claim it does, I think most managers in the corporate world would hire another 50 employees to get the entire facility up and running as quickly as they could ... so they could start generating revenue so they could pay bonuses, rent, etc. And, the stock would sky-rocket.

But, instead, they only have a "limited construction crew".

Sounds to me like they don't know how to manage a project.

Or, maybe it just plain doesn't work?

Apparently hope still abounds among the "faithful few".


"If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."
-- IRS

Sure is a pretty day.

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