Technology Stocks : The Singularity, A.I.: Machine & Deep Learning,. and GFA
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To: The Ox who wrote (89)10/4/2017 5:33:16 PM
From: Doren   of 229
Good point about analyzing aptitudes.

> pilot a drone more efficiently or cook better

Nope. AI will do both of these better. Robots will take these jobs.

> They may be a better gardener or work better with animals.

I think robots will take these jobs too.

I work on homes for the rich. I can easily see self driving tractors doing the trenching, self driving trucks delivering trees and planting them in the holes the self driving tractors dug. Some things aren't going to be replaced easily, mostly highly skilled jobs that take some craftsmanship like tile setting, custom stone work. But things like doors are already being made by CNC machines. Logging machines now both cut trees, buck off the branches, and load trucks. The self driving trucks will deliver the logs to mills which will be automated and more efficient than humans figuring out how to get the best lumber out of a log, separate by grade, and in the case of a door the wood will be routed to a kiln, then packaged and sent to a CNC door factory, milled and delivered by a self driving truck. Not one human until maybe a guy sets the door. And even that job will disappear.

Even in some jobs like custom bricklaying is going to loose some workers. For example stones are going to be very hard for machines to use to make something look good. But things like twisting chimneys done with bricks are perfect for machines.

This isn't like manual labor being replaced by machines. This is brains being replaced.

Humans will probably stick around for maybe 100 more years but after that the super-humans and robots will replace them entirely. The thing about the super humans is they won't get smarter in a linear way, it will be logarithmic, just like chips. Both their genes and their AI implant chips. So the first generation will have IQs of say 200, ten years later they'll have IQs of 400, five years later 800, two years later 1600, one year later 3200. In a hundred years they'll be so far beyond what we think of as absolute genius as to be unrecognizable...

The question is will they keep humans around like we keep dogs around? I don't think so. We treat our pets better than our homeless. Dogs don't compete for food and land and resources. They will own all of that, land and resources, actual and intellectual property.
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