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Patience is not my strong suit but I still believe the longer this Samsung issue lingers the better the chance we see the mother of all buying opps.

I agree that sooner is better wrt to the Samsung resolution. I wrote the below post # 11676 two months ago today. It didn't get much conversation back then but I hope others will weigh in w/ their respective $.02.


For me I'm hoping we see an update on Samsung asap. Recall that the current agreement ending 12/31/17 was announced on 8/23/11. The longer it goes past late August the more I get antsy. I fully expect more short hit pieces if no news on this front by the end of the month.

I am wrestling with the # of possibilities that could happen w/ UDC's biggest bread-maker (for now). Below are some possibilities in my mind in order of likelihood (to me)--curious to discuss w/ the group.

1. One-year extension w/ escalated payment. Why? SMD is clearly looking for alternative (cheaper) suppliers as they have invested in Kyulux & Cynora and provided funding for the Harvard Deep Learning AI TADF Platform. It doesn't appear that the Kyulux & Cynora products are ready for mass scale adoption yet. When they are it will be a threat to UDC IMO.

2. Two- or three-year extension w/ escalated payments. If Kyulux &/or Cynora has a path to mass production then a shorter agreement than UDC has now makes sense.

3. New 5-year agreement w/ new terms. End date will match end date of LG agreement. If Samsung & its counsel come to the same agreement that LG did about patent cliff after 12/31/22.

4. New 5+ year agreement--the holy grail. Would validate patent safety beyond LG end date & indicate blue is closer than we thought.

5. No new contract. The nuclear zikzak option that was brought up yesterday. While hopefully very remote it cannot be discounted entirely.

Feedback is welcome--thanks in advance--really enjoy this forum & its participants.
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