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To: The Ox who wrote (82)10/3/2017 4:02:25 PM
From: Doren  Read Replies (1) of 217
I own a Kurzweil synth. Ray is like a lot of Techies... brilliant... no common sense... totally isolated from blue collar people, he probably lives in a protected white collar island, probably inside a fenced and gated community with its own police force.

I work on those homes. They pay me pretty well because I do custom work. Super custom. I make every absurd demand they make come true.

"we’re going to create more jobs at the top of the skill ladder"

So... we are going to fill those jobs with people with IQs of 100? Good luck. #1 people who get those jobs are increasingly the best of the best, any recruiter knows that #2 those jobs are frequently obsoleted... not many people are using COBAL anymore. I was a recruiter. As a recruiter I interviewed a lot of 40 year old techies nobody wanted anymore, both because they only knew obsoleted software/languages and because nobody wanted to hire any techies over 40 years old. Many of them were completely depressed and dejected. Kurzweil really has little in common with these kinds of people being management.

COBOL programmers were obsoleted... to the point TOO MANY LEFT THE FIELD... once a person is obsoleted they think twice about putting time into learning a new skill. A few had good stable jobs maintaining legacy systems... but no one thought about learning COBOL for decades.

Guys like Ray always remind me of this:

I would have change it... but I would have charged at LEAST $100, probably more.
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