Technology Stocks : The Electric Car, or MPG "what me worry?"

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Tesla Model S Maintenance Costs … Tesla Model S Charging Costs … Celebrity Tesla Mods (Top 30 CleanTechnica Stories in October)

October 2nd, 2017 by Zachary Shahan

Missed September? Got lost in August? Just discovered CleanTechnica? Check out our 30 most popular articles in September for a quick catchup on recent hotties:

  1. $10,492 Tesla Model S Maintenance Costs After 300,000 Miles, $0 Charging
  2. Tesla Model S Charging Cost After 17,000 km = $70
  3. 6 Tesla-Owning Celebrities & Their Modified Teslas — via EVANNEX
  4. Tesla Blows Minds Deep In Kentucky
  5. SpaceX Employee’s Tesla Model 3 Delivery Update Hints At Quicker Than Expected Production (Maybe)
  6. 8 Seconds With First Tesla Model 3 Delivered Outside Of California — Austin, Texas [Update: Three Model 3 Videos]
  7. $30,000 Off Price Of Tesla Model S P100D Or Model X P100D Showroom Cars This Month
  8. Tesla Patents New Process To Bond Solar Cells With Heat-Cured Conductive Adhesive
  9. Why Nissan Has A Trick Up Its Sleeve With The New LEAF
  10. Elon Musk Inc. — SpaceX + Tesla = More Solutions — via EVANNEX
  11. Continental 48 Volt Electric Bicycle Products On Display At EuroBike Show — via Gas2
  12. Every Plug-In Car Model Has A Selling Point
  13. Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging Breakthrough Achieved
  14. How Far Will BMW USA Sales Fall In 2018?
  15. Tesla’s Growing Used Car Sales — via EVANNEX
  16. Nissan Unveils Redesigned 2018 Nissan LEAF With 240–400 km Range & ProPilot Autonomous Driving Features
  17. The Rise Of The E-Bike: Smart Choice For Commuting & Better Health
  18. Will Tesla Model 3 Buyers Be Granted 400 kWh/Year Free Supercharging?
  19. Electric Car S-Curve Adoption By Country (Fun Chart!)
  20. How Much Range Is Enough?
  21. Tesla Model 3 Calculator Results (Including Insurance, Charging, Etc.)
  22. Progression Of The EV Revolution (2017–2030)
  23. Electric Cars Coming Quickly, Will Disrupt Bunch Of Industries, JP Morgan Forecasts — via EVANNEX
  24. Electric Car Incentives In Norway, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, & Belgium — via EVANNEX
  25. Dyson Unveils Electric Vehicle Plan After 2 Years of Development — Plans To Sell By 2020
  26. The End of Fossil-Fuelled Cars — via Same Facts
  27. The Nissan Switch Scheme Is A Sublime Offer, An Affordable One
  28. How To Rent A Tesla — via EVANNEX
  29. Tesla Secures Patent For Battery Swap Technology
  30. Here’s A Diesel-Killing, Futuristic “Dip-Dry” Solar Device You Can Practically DIY At Home (Sort Of)
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