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To: cr721 who wrote (3812)9/29/2017 8:47:04 PM
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Let me guess ...

Your alias on that forum had three numbers in it. You registered on June 15, 2017. You had posted a grand total of ONE message in that entire time. You posted it on Sep 27, 2017. Just a few days ago. Your message has since been deleted, but the topic is still there ... because Shepard started the topic, and it just wouldn't do for the admins to delete a post by their Patron Saint.

Here's the text of your message:

Where can we find specs on the home unit? Need to know how large it is, what's required to install it, etc,. That info should be easily found at the RAPower3 site, but I can not find it. I hate to sound negative in any way here, but have you installed a home unit yourself? If not, how can you be selling them? Or, have you at least seen a home unit running? If not, how can you expect anyone to buy it? I can't buy something I can not see working. It all sounds good, and I am a stock holder, but until I see a working model, I can't buy in. Having been watching and waiting for so long with promises upon promises that have gone unfulfilled, and continue to go unfulfilled, I regret to say I will not be buying until a model is shown in working order.

You were banned from that forum and they deleted your post because you are a threat to their little fiefdom. From the text above, it's obvious you freely expressed your thoughts, opinions and concerns ... but they didn't mesh with those in control of that little universe.

... which seems counter to their forum overview:

This forum is a troll-free environment to express thoughts, opinions, concerns and, of course, excitement for IAUS technology from shareholders, RaPower3 Team Members and anyone intereted in learning more. Please keep things kind, relevant and productive. Personal attacks and trolling will not be tolerated. You are encouraged to create your own threads and to engage in active threads. This forum is closely monitored and whiners, trollers, foul-mouths and haters will be banned without notice.

If you are "intereted" in learning how I know all the above info, contact me offline. Suffice it to say that administrator level access can be quite powerful when you know what you're doing. Just because somebody deletes a message from a forum doesn't necessarily mean it's no longer accessible.

If you were trying to sell a non-existent system 15 years ago, I'd love to hear your story and add it to my robust archive. Sounds interesting.

Sure is a pretty day.

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