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To: koan who wrote (59)9/29/2017 7:59:15 PM
From: Doren   of 229
Thanks for the Kudos...

- I've put Homo Deus on my booklist, which is really for tomorrow when I tire of the internet and start reading again. When movies and music are no longer cheap. I'm currently collecting books, mostly by classic great writers and philosophers. But only on the cheap.

I'm currently watching a 24 hour lecture series on Great Britain from the Tudors through the Stewarts. There is plenty of free video on the web now. You can watch lecture courses that would cost thousands at Harvard et al for free now. European history has been an obsession for some time for me since our world view formed primarily there, after the reformation and the enlightenment.

- Hippies

I didn't blame them necessarily, especially not the real hippies (as opposed to posers.) I was one of the real ones growing up 2 hours from Haight Asbury in Sacramento during the 60s. I just think its ironic that it turned out like it did.

What I meant was we were all obsessed with the future, Star Trek... the naive idea that our ideas would change the world into a near Star Trekian utopia. We failed to a large degree to change anything...

What it was was a modern enlightenment... it changed the world view of many... but not enough.

We didn't see AI and Genetic Engineering coming so soon and merging. So its ironic that many of the San Francisco people/hippies who created the personal computer industry, because they were utopian futurists, created a business that enabled and, I think, inevitably will lead to the end of the natural human race. People like Jobs, Wozniak, the Knoll brothers and Robert Abel who was a friend of mine:

Robert Abel WIKI

It would have been hard for anyone to see that so I don't blame them. Computers have brought us many good things. I write music on my computer, very good music I think.

You can listen free here, I recommend the Unsound Educational CD

But none the less I think we are toast... whether than is the natural evolution scenario after all is anyone's guess at this time.

For myself, I'm 64, just about to semi-retire and hopefully live in the woods doing what I want, as unaffected by coming technology as is possible. I don't think I'll manage to live until immortality comes... which is right after the bionic/AI merge.
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