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From: TEDennis9/29/2017 9:37:35 AM
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Court filings: See tab "Court Docs" at

1) Shepard and Freeborn announced their counsel as:
-- Nelson, Snuffer Dahle & Poulsen, P.C. (the same ones being used by IAS, RaPower3, LTB1, and Neldon Johnson)
When Shepard and Freeborn's prior counsel withdrew (Doc #216), the following statement was included:
-- Clients or new counsel for Clients must file a Notice of Appearance by Thursday, September 7th, 2017.
So, "new counsel" filed 20 days late. Oops.

2) Richard Jameson was announced as a "designated expert" for Shepard and Freeborn, and delivered his "expert report"
-- He was one of the "go to" CPAs listed on the website. He is hardly "independent, unbiased, and impartial".
Expert reports from Defendants were due on Sep 8, 2017.
So, their "expert" filed 19 days late. Oops.

I'm really curious what the other CPAs who were involved in this mess will have to say, if they are called as a witness during court proceedings (if it ever gets that far)

1) Hansen, Barnett & Maxwell -- authors of the original "CPA Opinion Letter" that was "published" on a bogus letterhead.
2) Anderson Law Center, P.C. -- their letter was "published" on without the name "Anderson" in the signature block. They sent a letter to "cease and desist" from using their letter.
3) Kirton McConkie -- their "memorandum" contained a reference to the 1603 Federal Grant, but there was no grant made. They sent a letter to "cease and desist" from using their letter, or referring to it as an "opinion".
4) Bryan Bolander -- was the original "go to" guy listed on He presented at the RaPower3 2012 Convention, then was never heard from again (publicly).
5) John Howell -- is a Texas CPA who was listed on as a "go to" guy. His deposition was filed under seal.

I wonder if our new posting pal "Rankine" is aware of another filing that is late?

Sure is a pretty day.

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