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From: TEDennis9/28/2017 7:51:50 PM
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I have a few questions about the newly announced IAS "Personal system" for power generation.

I wonder how they arrived at the "preliminary figures" for the "Personal system"? Both the cost and the performance? Perhaps much the same way they arrived at the performance characteristics of DWM ... before their much hyped 1996 public demo turned out to be nothing more than a computer simulation.

Is the new "Personal system" a rooftop setup, or does it sit on the ground?

If it's on the roof ...
1) does the roof have to be reinforced to support the additional weight? How much will that cost?
2) do you have to increase your home insurance to cover the possibly catastrophic results if the highly concentrated sun's rays miss the target and land on the roof tiles/shingles, start a fire, and burn the house down? And, the neighbors' houses?

If it's on the ground ...
1) Does it have to be fenced to protect kids, pets, livestock, neighbors, etc. from getting curious about it, then getting fried to a crisp?

In either case, it's almost a fershure thing it has to be IEEE certified. Good luck with that.

Will Home Owners Associations (HOAs) welcome the look of the additional "feature" on existing homes?

For both the CSP and CPV systems, are all costs associated with the dual-axis tracking system included in the cost projection?

For CSP, are all costs associated with the "closed loop" system included in the cost projections? Like, the turbine, the generator, the piping, the recirculation pump, the condenser, the supporting framework, the ... well, you get the picture.

Who is going to maintain and service the system? Will there be an MLM network of qualified technicians, each providing royalties to ... somebody?

Will there be a licensing and certification requirement for the maintainers? Local? State? Federal? If so, what are the requirements for certification? High School diploma? College degree?

There are other questions I have, depending on whether it's a CSP or a CPV system. But, let's wait for somebody at the ProBoards forum to ask the above questions and get a response from ... somebody.

Note that "CPV" stands for "Concentrator Photovoltaic". IAS/RaPower3 STILL calls it "Concentrated Photovoltaic". They still don't have it right, even though I have showed them "many, many" times the CORRECT way to reference it.

In CSP (Concentrated Solar Power), the sun (solar) is being concentrated. Thus "Concentrated Solar". In CPV, the PV (Photovoltaic) cells are NOT being concentrated. However, there is a concentrator involved to focus the sun's rays ... thus "Concentrator Photovoltaic".

The guys who run the International Conference on CPV should know, right?

From CPV-13 ... "The 13th International Conference on Concentrator Photovoltaics (CPV-13) successfully took place from May 01-03 in Ottawa, Canada and focused on high- and low-concentration PV components, modules, and tracker-based PV systems".

And, IEEE agrees with the use of "Concentrator" instead of "Concentrated".

Using the wrong nomenclature for "CPV" is *almost* as bad as a reference to "satalite". Yes, they really did spell it that way at the site:

IAUS Satalite
Work has begun on the development of a new satellite using IAS thin-film solar concentrating technology. Preliminary figures show that it will be half the weight and four-times the power output of current satellite systems.

Sure is a pretty day.

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