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To: broken_lens who wrote (3804)9/28/2017 1:57:25 PM
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broken_lens: Following is a "minor" clarification to my post where I calculated the potential funds the IRS could recover.

Rankine said: their are 34,000 lenses that have been manufactured and delivered to Delta

That doesn't mean they have been SOLD. Just "manufactured and delivered". The numbers I provided in my prior post were relevant IF all 34,000 of those lens had been sold. I *seriously* doubt that is the case.

A few years ago, a "reliable source" claimed the average number of lenses purchased per buyer was six. So, six times the last number of buyers I heard (1,300) gives us a total of $7,800,000 in tax credits. Add another $1,950,000 to that for the 25% depreciation and we get $9,750,000.

That was a few years ago, so that number has probably at least doubled by now. Well, it should have doubled, assuming the RaPower3 MLM was succeeding anywhere near what their key players led their "true believers" to believe. So, that's AT LEAST $20,000,000 in tax credits plus depreciation.

I don't know if "six" was the average number of lenses bought per year they purchased, or if it was the average number of lenses purchased over the entire seven (or so) years for ALL buyers. If it's the first option, the numbers could be higher by a multiple of "x" number of years. And, that doesn't take into account the daily compounded interest since the day the taxes were due to be paid.

One of the problems with the way the businesses are structured is that the "success" of the program is hidden beneath several layers of indirection, so we can't tell how much revenue is actually being generated by sales of lenses.

That doesn't sound quite fair, because, after all, IAS is a *public* company and their financial info should be available for investors to peruse and contemplate.

It's almost like somebody planned it that way to make it hard to pin down their actual performance. They could also avoid paying taxes on all that [alleged] income, especially if any of those entities are in off-shore locations. Pretty clever, eh?

Sure is a pretty day.

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