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To: skinowski who wrote (1889)9/27/2017 3:08:07 PM
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Hi ski,

Honored to follow in the footprints of such a knowledgeable EMCEE as skinowski.

I will post my option trades here - in as much real time as possible.

My modus operandi is to sell puts when the market climaxes on a downward wave.

I trust in time decay and using cash in my account I sell cash collateralized puts.

With time the puts become worth less.

If the stock I sell a put on reverses and goes up - the time decay is supplemented with the put strike price being lower in price than where the stock trades at. If this condition is maintained it expires to 00.00.

I have a few rules - the stock must pay a dividend. If the stock is assigned to me the associated dividend must yield 4.0 % of more. I like to trade dividend Aristocrat stocks like T, GSK, HCP,.

I have core positions in Cohu and Brks - I sell puts on those but since I've owned them for years - I waive the 4% rule.

Some of my put selling is to get good market prices on dividend paying stocks knowing the dividend is the desired outcome.

Other lower yielding stocks, I sell puts on wanting to accumulate a larger position at good prices - hoping for price appreciation.

If I get a blend of that - I have positioned my portfolio in some high yielders and some high growth companies.

Its kind of a simple plan and very conservative - it certainly is not the only way to do options trading.

Hopefully others here, are far more versed in complex options schemes and can teach this ole dog a new trick.

I do very much like to have time decay on my side.


I hope we can all benefit with profits made through trading and enjoy our lives by being able to have some of nicer things our capitalistic system offers.

God Bless America!!

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