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To: zzpat who wrote (67)9/25/2017 11:22:21 PM
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They both changed the world greatly. I see no reason to ask that question.

The 60's was transformational because it was a period when the kids and liberals sort of had a collective epiphany which was:" we need to throw out primitive destructive ideas, like racism and misogyny and tribal dogma which prevented so many from self actualization and manifest destiny and replace it with modern existential humanitarian thinking

Continuing to read Homo Deus. He is explaining how the rich are starting to "buy" designer babies and there will be no stopping it. Kids with three parents: Two DNA and one RNA; or fertilize several eggs and pick the one with the least defects..

This is where we are headed, and no going back, so buckle your seat belt and those who choose denial to embracing this reality will have a tough life and if they teach that to their kids they will be left behind.

And if we do not address it here other countries will, so--------?


I'd be curious to see what part of the 60s historians think changed the world more, birth control (the pill) or all the other issues.
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