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From: koan9/24/2017 12:39:37 PM
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Fixation on negative and positive things: Great and important concept to think about, that people very seldom do. See bottom of page.

I am reading Homo Deus and as I expected the entire book is written at a sophistication of intellectual perception a full level above what most of us live in i..e. he applies logic to mundane things that makes one realize basic concepts are much larger in scope than we seldom think about e.g. what is happiness, how should we pursue it, what does it represent in the grand scheme of things: or, lol, that we are an animal trying to negotiate a technological environment (created haphazardly) with a mind which is evolved for a nomadic life style, not evolved to survive in.

So we need to create an existential mind that can adapt to the modern world.

AI is going to be operating in the existential reality and so we need to be able to see it.

I recommend Homo Deus for one to see what reality looks like when understood at a full level above the reality people live in as seen in common conversation and perception and life style choices,


An interesting consequence of human mind is our fixation on the negative. After watching this TED talk I realized how true this was for me personally. Experiments show that negativity is twice as 'sticky' as positive thought. Norman Vincent Peale talked about the power of positive thinking. The skeptics and cynics (like me) find great humor in the Life of Brian where they are all on the cross singing - "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" - a personal favorite. But in that is a powerful message - Try not to get sucked down by the surplus of negativity and remember that bad stuff impacts people twice as much as good and is twice as hard to reverse, leading to a 4x multiplier.
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