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From: TimF9/21/2017 12:12:11 PM
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I had a iphone 5c. Its been replaced by a Galaxy S7.

What I like more about each one.

Iphone -
Its handier. (But overall the bigger size of the Galaxy is an improvement)

I'm more used to the OS since I had it first.

The ability to block and app from using cell data. (With android I'd have to root it or all I can do is turn off cell function for all apps while I use a particular app)

The mute switch on the side.

The fact that iphones get OS updates for longer than Androids.

Galaxy S7 -

It has a bigger screen but not too big as to be unwieldy.

Connected to that it has a higher resolution screen.

Faster. (more powerful processor, 4 times the RAM)

Twice the storage 32GB vs 16GB (The OS and preloaded apps are a little bigger taking up some of the difference but still the extra space is nice).

The ability to side-load apps or use more than one app store (but I'm not going to do this, its a work phone).

Thinner. I supposed there are downsides. If it was thicker it could be more rugged or have a bigger battery, but considered in isolation thinner is better (up to a point)

Its physically in better shape. New, never been dropped or damaged in some other way.

Dislikes about the S7

I"m getting adds on the lock screen. I didn't get anything other than from the app store. I've turned off notification for all apps, and still the ads don't go away.
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