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To: The Ox who wrote (63)9/20/2017 8:36:21 PM
From: koan   of 217
Good questions: below all IMO;

with regard to public pre school with hot lunch the parent can drop off the kid and go to school or work and everyone wins: the kid gets an early start to education (we may find this is crucial as it may mitigate the brains pruning of important capabilities that takes place in the young) and socialization e.g. hanging up their coat and socializing for good mental health (we are a pack animal). ; the parent wins as they can go to school or work and the society wins because I believe it is impossible for a society to lose money on education. When a society educates a citizen they get that investment back many times over in increased productivity and reduction in crime. Most crime is the result of ignorance.

With regard to AI's behavior my theory is that AI will know all the history of humankind and be able to see the bad, the good and the ugly by our history and stories, and so it will know being good is a good thing to do :)>.

How it relates to Plato (the worlds first existentialist IMO) is that AI is going to be all about knowledge and will also be existential in nature. Plato's Cave is about transforming from a reality of myth to a reality of awareness and knowledge; so it is important we know what we are talking about when we start interacting with it.

Otherwise we will not recognize what it is doing?

<<Message #63 from The Ox at 9/20/2017 5:24:35 PM

While you're asking about how people will deal with AI and/or the Singularity, I have similar questions about AI and how "machines" will deal with people. Let's start with EMPATHY. There are enough people in this world that seem to have little or no empathy.... but it seems to me that it will be very important for machines to understand this concept.

Many of this issues you raise are partially explained by the fact that so many people have to struggle through their daily lives that they may not be able to spend the appropriate time "learning" or on/in education vs. having to earn a living or who need to support a family or loved one.

so the meaning of life, IMO, then, is to find our way out of Plato's illusory cave of dogma we are born into and into the bright sunlight of a well functioning humanitarian existential being which can only be achieved by learning.
How does the Singularity encompass what you wrote above and do we end up with a "well functioning humanitarian existential AI being" coming out of this process?
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