Technology Stocks : The Singularity, A.I.: Machine & Deep Learning,. and GFA
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To: Glenn Petersen who wrote (61)9/20/2017 11:58:28 AM
From: koan  Read Replies (1) of 229
Thank you Glenn, that is the most important article I have read this year. I will repost it to my family and friends. A couple of comments I have about the coming singularity: All IMO.

1) It is pointless to argue whether the singularity is good or bad, it is coming and we cannot stop it, so we must prepare for it. And the only way to prepare is to better educate ourselves to understand increasing complex concepts. IMO we are greatly under educated i.e. the average person is capable of much more intellectual sophistication and the primary reason we have not pursued it is that our academic institutions have told us intelligence is something we are born with, and so have put primitive artificial barriers like SAT's and language and math requirement to get into universities; and while there are individual differences, by and large, intelligence is a matter of learning and the longer we learn the more intelligent we will become.

In California, where they have many community colleges with no entrance requirements that allow kids who got a rough start for myriad reasons, a second chance, and if they succeed, which they usually do, to transfer, to higher institutions of learning and they usually do just fine, wheretofore they would have been deemed unfit for entrance. Education makes the average person smarter, all people.

Therefore, we have to learn about intelligence what we have learned about good health, it takes a life time of good nutrition and exercise and so a lifetime of learning. Right now our government should provide free public education starting with preschool, with a hot lunch and continuing through PHD and further if people want. It is in the best interest of society to do so, as it will give a pay back in increased productivity a more sophisticated democracy and reduced crime.

2) When I was young I made the great discovery that we humans do not deduce much, we learn. We have a mind evolved for the survival of a nomadic animal and does not function very well in the technological world we find ourselves in e.g. we are hardwired for pattern recognition, but not probability which we find hard to understand, so the meaning of life, IMO, then, is to find our way out of Plato's illusory cave of dogma we are born into and into the bright sunlight of a well functioning humanitarian existential being which can only be achieved by learning.

This starts by our recognizing education is not elitist, but rather essential for a healthy life and surviving the singularity.

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