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CROX is making a nice comeback and found two new stocks to buy IAG and MBT

When we first added CROX to this portfolio we bought a lot of it 3000 shares at about $9.60/ share .... and then it plunged the next day and in 3 days or so it stopped at about $8.60/ share. I held onto it because I liked the financials and chart. I am not sure what the problem was but is seems to have resolved itself.

Look at these charts

This P&F chart shows the rebound and we are on the edge of entering a resistance band. If it blasts through this band would that be sweet!!! I don't expect it to and will show you why in the next chart...however, I think it may fall back and take another crack at it.

You can see in this chart that there has been a great rise today.... but the indicators are less than responsive right now. There are signs of a reversal of direction but one up-tick is not a reversal of trend. However, the Slow Sto is reaching for 80 and the MACD looks better.

SO.... If you are not in this stock, I would hold off and see what happens in the next few days. If it fell back to $9.20 I might consider it a buy... as long as the indicators continue their reversal.

Suffice it to say.... this stock is not the donkey that it showed a few days ago. (wish I waited a few days before buying it though {sigh})

Here are the charts of the stocks I am considering to buy with the cash reserve we have ($27,000).

Mobile TeleSystems [NYSE:MBT]

I am not to sure about this stock as I get mixed signals

Here is the trigger chart

This is a perfect chart... the indicators are super and the share price is tracking the upper BB like a champ. Just looking at this chart I would buy it in a heart beat... but that is why you don't just look at one chart.

This chart causes me to pull back the reins a bit.

As you can see, we are up against a resistance and we got there with a bullet (2 months), Now you saw in the previous chart that everything looked great but look at that circle in this chart. This shows SMA's of the midpoints of the columns. As long as the blue line is on top all is good.... and it is good right now. But the red is getting close to crossing the blue and that is a red flag.

We are approaching a resistance at $10.50. I think it will fall back... profit taking??? maybe.

This is sort of like CROX.... wait and see what happens in the next few days. I am not giving up on this stock but want to avoid another CROX situation.

I Am Gold [NYSE:IAG]

This is a gold stock and gold has been on the rise for a while. Here is the P&F chart for this stock

Isn't that a gorgeous chart... Blue line rising away from the red... and we have just broken through a resistance which is now a support and there is no significant resistance in sight... very bullish.

Very nice trigger chart too.... Slow Sto pegged over 80 and MACD and BBWidth reaching for the sky.

This stock is a buy RFN..... so I will enter a fantasy order

Limit Buy for IAMGOLD IAG for 2000 shares @ $7.20 /share valid til Sept 15/17

So this was a long post... as you will see tomorrow we are doing well again.

If you like what I am doing please encourage me with a recommendation. t makes me feel like I am accomplishing something with these posts.

I am not a registered broker. I am retired and use Technical Analysis as the main tool in my investment decisions. Accept or reject my comments as you will, but do your own Due Diligence (DD) before making any decisions based on the information I provide.


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